Monday, March 28, 2011

Big butt

I've been in a bit of a funk this week, mostly because my butt has gotten huge. HUGE. As in, my "big girl" jeans don't even fit anymore.

The sad part is I have zero motivation to do anything about it other than bitch and whine. The bad part is my life depends on me taking care of myself.

In case you're new to this blog, over a year ago I found out that I have a rare genetic blood protein called elevated Lp(a), or Lipoprotein A. Basically, it acts like glue in your arteries and makes the average person more than 60% likely to have a heart attack or stroke even if your other blood numbers like LDL and HDL are fine. Lovely, huh?

I'm still completely aware that this time bomb is ticking in my veins. But yet I continue to eat crap and not exercise. Two years ago, I was as fit as I'd been since high school, working out, eating well. Now...not so much.

I just don't know how to pull myself out of this slump, other than not allowing myself to buy any new clothes. So if you see me, I will be in very tight underwear in one of the XXL t-shirts we have stashed away for me to use as nightshirts. And stilettos. Because no matter how big I get, I can still wear fantastic shoes.


Ann said...

The first step to "recovery" is acknowledgement, so you're on your way already! EVERYONE has a Big Mac occasionally honey! Start small. Take Nicky for a 15 minute walk every morning or evening and tell him ALL about your day!!! Bogey knows more crap about his mommy's life than anyone, and he just wags his tail and keeps on going. Makes me do the same. Remember Ginger Rogers did everything Fred did, but backwards and in amazingly gorgeous heels!

Elizabeth said...

Well, aside from the part about the blood disorder (so sorry - I hope you can take something for that), I am in the exact same boat. I keep waiting for Will Power to show up. I think he's afraid of Blue Bunny. Ugh.

Taryn said...

It definitely sucks to have a blood disorder that works against you. That is rather demotivating right from the get-go.

My motivation is the dogs. First, a tired dog is a good dog, but also I know they love their long morning walk. Also, I am very addicted to agility. So I need to keep up a certain level of fitness if I want to keep up with Jimmy, and vice versa. If I am going to ask Jimmy to scramble all over the equipment I owe it to him to keep him thin/fit. (As a disclaimer, I don't have kids so I do have more free time.)

So, I would say when Nick gets a bit older, sign up for an agility class. You will quickly become addicted (it really is that much fun!) and the snowball will start rolling. If it doesn't increase the exercise motivation, between lessons and competition fees, you'll have no money left for food!

Kidding aside, I agree with Ann, just get started with a short walk with Nick. (He's too young for long vigorous walks anyway). You'll get out in the fresh air and bright daylight which are both proven mood elevators. You'll also help get Nicky's puppy muscles off to a good start. It's a win-win for both of you.

I hope your spirits lift soon!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blood disorder but I am morbidly obese. I got my wake up call when I ended up in the hospital with an infection in my leg. I spent a week in the hosptail and then 3+ weeks at home. The answer to my problem has been a recumbent bike. It's easy on my knees and I can pedal my ... off. So far I'm -25 lbs. Chin up, you can do it!!

Tree said...

Oh, sweetie. You need to take care of yourself and MM and BJ (ha!) need you to take care of yourself. You have a treadmill, right? Well, watch your favorite show while walking at a good incline and a good pace - say, 4 mph and 5% incline for 30 min. That should be a good start. Email me every day.

OR, set yourself a nice goal - say a 5K in June or a 10K in September. Write out a plan - a reasonable, achievable plan - to reach your goal.

I like the suggestions of taking little Nicky for a walk. There is something inherently relaxing and good about a walk with a dog.