Monday, April 11, 2011

Head case

I must like to torture myself.

So while I'm trying to get my workout routine and diet under control (never mind the fact I just had a few Oreos), I decided that I should totally cut back on my Celexa. Oh, and get my period. Just call me Mega Bitch.

What was I thinking? Work is super stressful right that is anything new. Plus recently I discovered through Site Meter that someone was looking at only my posts about work. That definitely set me on edge. I feel like I'm pretty vocal at work about my feelings and all that, so can't I just have my blog for my own private little venting session? I mean, I do change names to protect the innocent. And the guilty, for that matter.

So part of my insanity dribbled into my weekend. Anyone that knows me well knows that I despise amusement parks with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. I would rather have every hair on my body plucked one by one than go to one. In that spirit, Joey decided to buy season passes not only to Kings Dominion, but Busch Gardens and Water Country USA as well.
Kill me now.

Yesterday morning, when I was still recovering from Saturday's horrors of cleaning out my closet which was about 3-feet deep in shit and my two furry assistants were really not helping by dragging things in and out...Joey announced that he wanted to go to KD for the day. Say What? I immediately had a mini-meltdown because I wasn't prepared enough.

Prepared enough? What the hell? Yes, I apparently need an engraved invitation from the Queen to even consider darkening the portals of the amusement park. So I blubbered about it for a few minutes, with the bullet points of this whole meltdown being: I am tired. I am trying to cut back on my medicine. I have my period. RAAAAAAAWR!

I am such a girl sometimes.

We ended up going. And I had fun. I didn't ride many rides since I forgot to take any Dramamine, but I went. Sigh.

So if you run into me, and I seem a touch on edge, just remember:
I am tired
I am cutting back on my meds
I have my period

Throw some Oreos at me and run. Works like a charm.


Janet said...

~putting Pepperidge Farm Milanos on the shopping list for the weekend in case oreos stop working~

I am so with you on the whole period thing. I am old as dirt and still as regular as can be. I thought the reward of being old was being over this.

Elizabeth said...

Guess asking you to stop at King's Dominion on the way back from MD is out of the question. Want an oreo?

Taryn said...

I loved the last line of your blog! Hilarious! I'll be sure to bring a stash of oreos this weekend....just for safety's sake :-)

hotlipz said...

I'm getting the band back together