Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's been an interesting few weeks in my life.

Let me back up to December.  On December 5th, my birthday, I got an email from one of my oldest friends, Diana.  

I had not spoken to Diana in probably...oh, 16 years maybe?  And it wasn't like we had any big falling out.  She had a series of personal crises that kind of took over her life and she fell off the face of the earth.  Y'all wouldn't believe the story if I told you, and honestly I don't really want to post it on The Internets, so you're just gonna have to believe me on this one.  It was pretty bad.  

So back to my birthday.  She sent me an email on Facebook basically saying, "I know today is your birthday, I think about you often and would love to talk to you."  I just about fell out of my chair, and jumped right back on email and sent one back.  And over the past two months, we've been delicately rebuilding this friendship again.  

Then, I found out that my high school in New Jersey is having a 20th reunion...albeit a year late, but hell, we're doing it!  I kind of hemmed and hawed about going, and finally Diana talked me into going.  And now one of my other close friends from high school - who happens to live about 2 hours from here - and I are going to roadtrip up there for the reunion.  I finally got confirmation from Laura today that she was up to going.  Poor thing has 4 kids under 8 years old, she NEEDS to get away for a weekend.

Slowly but surely, I've been reconnecting with friends from high school on Facebook and email.  I thought they had all forgotten about me.  Hell, I moved the summer before our senior year, and really didn't stay in touch with much of anyone - why would they care?  But they do.  One of my exes (not a serious ex, kind of a "let's date, oh this was a bad idea" ex) emailed me earlier this week and put it well - "You HAVE to go.  Who knows if we'll ever have another reunion?  And besides, I think you don't realize how many people remember you and ask me about you.  Not to mention, my wife is dying to meet you...."  Okay, so if the wife is in, well...I have to go!

So while all this high school fun was going on, remember that friend request I got from my former best friend from college?  The one that dated my ex-fiance?  Well, I accepted the friend request.  We messaged back and forth a few times.  Then, a few weeks ago, she sent me a message saying that she missed my friendship and wanted to see me.  

We're having lunch on the 28th.  I am so freaking excited I can't stand it.

I guess 2009 is turning out to be my year of reconnections.  I've determined that come hell or high water, I'm going to reconnect with old friends this year.  There's no reason not to.  I think in the past I've been scared to stick my neck out and reconnect just from the standpoint of not wanting to face rejection if they weren't interested.  But...they are.  And that's the amazing part to me.  


On another note, but definitely friend-related, Cat Door's biopsy came back completely normal.  He has some, um, calcium deposits in his prostate gland that he's taking medication in the hopes of dissolving them (I guess into the bloodstream?  Not sure how that works) but other than that, he's good to go.

I am so freaking relieved.  

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Jems said...

I've spent the last half of last year and a good part of this year reconnecting with old school friends. It's been great to hear from them again and been equally lifting to know how much they valued me too all those years ago. I've had some great fun catching up.

Hope your reunions are fab times. It's wonderful to rekindle old friendships and still have time to build them again.