Thursday, February 05, 2009

Here I is!

That's what Monkey Man used to say to us when he was playing hide and seek, at least.

I've been around. Most of my daily life has been filled lately with counting points, running, and of course my stupid job which seems to take up way more of my life than necessary.

As far as my job goes, exactly how do I go for weeks with literally NOTHING to do all day long except shuffle papers around on my desk in an elaborate ruse to appear busy while my coworkers are getting the ax, and then suddenly this week I am so busy that I forget to pee? How did this happen to me? It would be nice if the workload would kind of level out so that I could at least pee on a regular basis, but also so that I don't have to spend days trying to appear like I am so busy that I can't pee. If that makes any sense.


As of January 5, I went back on Weight Watchers. Remember if you will, back three years ago I lost an ungodly amount of weight and managed to keep it off for about 2.5 years...well, so, I gained some back so I decided to get back on the wagon again.

I worked out like crazy. I stuck to my points religiously. And nothin'. Well, the first week I lost the usual 4 pounds, but after that I stalled out. One day, in desperation, I went into April's office to vent about how freaking hungry I was and she suggested checking out and their food journaling section called "The Daily Plate". I did, was mildly interested, and put it on the back burner.

Then, after like 10 days of not losing jack and starving to death, I emailed both Maven and Mer to see what their opinions were since they are also veterans of Weight Watchers. The general consensus was - maybe I just wasn't getting enough food. I decided to take a few days and journal both in Weight Watchers and Livestrong just for giggles - it was a huge pain in the ass, but very interesting. They were right. It wasn't nearly enough food, and I guess my body had gone into "starvation mode" and I wasn't losing jackshit for weight.

So I switched over to Livestrong. Basically, all you do is journal all day, and they give you your calorie guidelines based on your height, weight, age, and activity levels. On the days I don't work out, I get less food. On the days that I do work out, I get a little bit more. And I love the activity level calculators - like who would've guessed that 18th century dancing counted? Or vigorous sex? I'm all about that.

Since I switched over, I've lost two pounds a week. I have been way happier with not only what I'm getting to eat (which is basically what I like, just smaller portions) but the quantities too. I don't feel deprived. It's awesome. I am now down 9.5 pounds since January 5th, and have been living a pretty normal existence.

The working out has been a bit of a challenge. After twinging my sciatica a few weeks ago, it took me a good week to get back up to speed. I realized too that working out every day does NOT work for me. I am so tired by the end of the day that doing it every day results in crappy, short workouts. Doing it every other day not only gives my muscles (and poor feet) time to recover from the previous workout, I get in a much more intense workout and I actually look forward to it.

Okay, that's a lie. I still hate to work out. But whatever.


I found out today that two young women in our community have committed suicide in the past four days.

I didn't know either one of them, but one of my friends knew both of them. From what I hear, they were both beautiful, intelligent, loving women. Everyone is stunned.

I'm not sure what drives people to do that. It's something I've wondered a lot, especially after my nephew died seven years ago. What is possibly so bad that ending your life seems to be the only answer?

So, if someone you know seems troubled, or reaches out for help, I urge you to listen. Hug them. Call Hopeline for help. See the link on the's something I believe in with all of my heart. If one person calls Hopeline, then that's one more light that will stay bright.


I hate to end this on a downer, but would like to ask for some positive thoughts and prayers for my friend Cat Door. He goes in tomorrow for a biopsy on his prostate and an ultrasound as well. He's had chronic problems for years due to scar tissue from a car accident in his teens, but his PSA has been alarmingly going up and down for the past year and the doctor is getting a little anxious about it.

He's anxious too. And to see him freaked out, freaks me out. Although I'm not sure what is freaking him out more - the actual biopsy, or having an ultrasound wand shoved up his wazoo.

All I know is that he has to be okay. I won't accept any other answer.


g-man said...

I'm glad your weight plan is working, just dont make the boobies any smaller :)

Work blows.

Thoughts and prayers for CD. Although I'll be looking for wand up the wazoo pictures to put his head on for ya.

Love ya, mean it.

P.s. word verification was "bushou" (maybe it is just dirty to me?)

Anonymous said...

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