Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wah, wah, wah

We had a nice trip, save the frigid temperatures that pretty much kept us hunkered down in the hotel. I will admit that the natural-spring-heated pool, which was a toasty 98 degrees, was wonderful.

Dieting on a vacation is never fun, though. I struggled to make good choices, but the demon alcohol got the best of me. I swear, the martini glasses were really tiny...really they were....

I came back to find out that two more people were let go - both performance related, so they weren't really part of the whole layoff thing. One of the guys started work the same day that I did. I'm starting to get a little concerned for myself because I am so not busy it's not even funny. I spend probably 80% of my day trying to look busy. It's a double-edged sword trying to ask other people if you can help them with anything, because then inevitably someone will figure out that I have nothing to do. Which probably wouldn't bode well for my long-term employment.

Anyhow, Monkey Man came down with a cold before we left town, and Joey is now sick with a bad head cold. I am just trying not to kill anyone. So sorry for the brief nature of this post, but the general summary is: We're back, we had fun, everyone is sick except me, I'm exhausted.

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Gretchen said...

Hope everyone's feeling better!