Monday, August 07, 2006

Maybe monkeys really are smarter than men

Me: Good morning buddy! It’s time to get up!

Monkey Man: Mmmm, I was just having a dream that I was all grown up and had a job.

Me: Really? What kind of job did you have?

Monkey Man: I don’t know. I was always at lunch though.


Monkey Man: Mommy, I want a baby brother.

Me: You do? But you have Rufus, he’s your furry brother.

Monkey Man: (wrinkling his nose up) Yeah, but he smells like butt.


Monkey Man is playing his guitar…

Me: Honey, you’re a really good guitar player! Maybe someday you can take lessons and play with Daddy.

Monkey Man: Mommy, I’m already a better player than Daddy. I know way more songs than he does.


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