Friday, February 25, 2011

Wine is fine

Somehow, the gods are smiling on me tonight. Not only did my son win the Veggie Car Derby for the third grade today (don't ask), but he and Joey are at the big monster truck show. And I am not.

For two consecutive Mother's Day weekends, I ended up at the big monster truck show at the beach. It might sound like heaven, but it seems like every time we've done that it's unseasonably cold or it rains and we end up on metal bleachers freezing to death and getting sand in our teeth. Not exactly my idea of properly exfoliating - I'd rather be in a spa rather than sitting on bleachers watching women go by in tube tops with breasts so saggy they're smuggling fifths of liquor in under each one. I get a little jealous because I can only do a pint at this point in my life.

I settled in tonight with a wonderful bottle of cabernet sauvignon. Priming my liver for the big wine expo this weekend. Last year, I think I was drunk by 1 PM but kept rolling until 4...took a nap, went to dinner, and was drunk again by 8. Needless to say, I am hoping this year to just maintain a nice warm and fuzzy feeling versus going into a coma at 4:30 and waking up at 6 to discover everyone is waiting on me and my mascara is somewhere around my chin.

The out-laws are coming into town tomorrow to babysit. My friend Heather said on IM last night, "Yay! Free Babysitting!" to which I replied, "Oh no, it's not free - there's a cost. MY SOUL."

The last time they were here, you might recall, my father-in-law lectured everyone at Christmas dinner how men need to eat more turkey to make their sex lives better. Good information that every 9-year-old boy needs to know. I can only imagine what sorts of wisdom he will impart this time without us to filter. I am already daydreaming about the phone call I could conceivably get from the principal next week.

I am counting down the days until we bring Big Nick home. Oh, did I mention that after nagging for 3 years that Joey decided we need new carpet? Mmm hmm. I never said he was the practical one, did I? New puppy + new carpet = WTF were you thinking?

Have a lovely, lovely Saturday. Hug the ones you love.


Elizabeth said...

"versus going into a coma at 4:30 and waking up at 6 to discover everyone is waiting on me and my mascara is somewhere around my chin"
I do believe I might have urinated a wee bit after reading that sentence.
(A friend of mine mentioned that Wine Expo a couple weeks ago. I might have to check it out...)

Taryn said...

Funny post! "Settling in with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon", not to mention drunk by 1PM....You sound like my kind of gal!

And, yea, I'd definitely wait on that new carpet just a couple more months....

Lani said...

The wine expo sounds like fun. You're right, it's all about pacing the consumption. But when wine is eveywhere, what's a gal to do...?

Regarding carpet + puppies. We made that mistake with Denzil. I distinctly remember him peeing on the new carpet before it was even fully tacked down. Oh well, with 3 dogs, 2 cats, and toddler, that carpet ended up seeing much worse over the years...