Thursday, September 30, 2010

Since we've been on water restrictions due to lack of rain, I guess Mother Nature thought it would be a great idea to catch us up all at once. I had to drive my ark to work this morning.

For people like me with naturally curly hair, rain and humidity are my enemies. No amount of product can stop my hair from gaining a life of its own, creating crazy lumps, bumps, curls and frizz. For everyone that wishes they had curly hair, I will give you mine for a week and then make it rain every other day and be hot and humid as well. You'll be begging for your hair back.

Last week we were lucky enough to go back to Cabo for a few days. Joey and his partner won a trip through one of their manufacturers where the guys sportfish for two days and have a pseudo-tournament, while the wives sit around and get drunk and lay in the sun. I didn't really do the drunk or sun thing, I slept a lot and went to a fantastic spa one day where they piped in Affirmitive Thoughts through earphones while she exfoliated my face. So not only did I get my pores cleaned, I can now do ANYTHING. It was like seeing a shrink and getting a facial and massage.

On Saturday, we rented a car and drove up the coast to Todos Santos and La Paz. Todos Santos is a little town where the Hotel California is located - you know, THE Hotel California of Eagles' fame. Or, as my husband's partner put it, "where they dropped a lot of acid and wrote some great songs." The town is full of little galleries with local crafts and some really fantastic deals. I bought myself a beautiful glazed pot, and for one of my friends I bought a shotglass with two people humping behind a cactus. Quite a diverse selection, I might say.

La Paz was...well, kind of a bust. Malcolm (the partner) was determined that there was an old historical section of the city we could walk around in. However, the fact that there are few street signs and the map didn't show all the streets - and he refused to ask for directions - left us driving in circles all over. I was a hot mess by the time we got out of the city.

One strange thing about our trip is that we saw a dead guy. A lot of the major roads are under construction right now while they expand to 4-lane highways, so the place is either a disaster or the roads are great. Between Todos Santos and La Paz had the best road, but as we pulled into the good part of the highway we saw an accident with a stakebody truck with riders in the back had overturned and one poor guy had basically imploded on the pavement. Everyone was just standing around looking at him from about 20 feet away with looks on their faces like, "well damn, that sucks!" No emergency vehicles, nothing. It was bizarre. By the time we came back two hours later, all traces of the accident were gone.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Monkey Man broke his right ring finger right at the joint the day before we left for Cabo. That night, the x-rays didn't show much but the sitter took him back Thursday and damn if it wasn't broken. My Monday was spent at the orthopaedic surgeon having an evaluation to see if the growth plate was involved and then getting a cast that goes almost all the way to his elbow. I guess the good thing is that there's no surgery. The bad thing is that he can't really write so I have turned into his scribe and the amount of homework is enough to make a saint cry. Nice return from a restful vacation, huh?

So that's about all. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to make sure my ark is still tethered to the tree outside.

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Kim said...

I'm with you in the ark down here in NN...I think I hydroplaned for most of my drive into work - great fun!