Monday, September 13, 2010

My aunt's estate tag sale was all weekend. To say I'm tired would be a vast understatement, and really all I did was stand around and talk to folks all weekend. People came out of the woodwork - some of them had known her for the 40-some years she worked in the cotton mill, some out of curiosity, some looking for a deal.

Y'all wouldn't believe the crap people were buying. The strangest thing was a half-used 5-pound bag of sugar that was marked $1.39. If you have any idea how much sugar costs nowadays, you know that bag came from the Paleozoic age.

Yesterday marked a month since Dad died, and the strangest thing was that it didn't even click in my mind until today. Last week was hard, but I was determined to go back home this weekend and make the best of it. I mean really, I was seriously dreading going down there. What was it going to be like going back into a house filled with memories?

It wasn't bad. Not at all. I got teary a few times but from good memories.

Today's tears? Coming from the thought of having to go back to work. My train is at least four stations short of Motivation Station. Ugh. We have major drama going on with one of my projects and I am seriously so over it that it's not even funny. If I can make it through without killing anyone or being under federal investigation myself, it will be a major miracle!

Anyhow, off to work. Bleh.

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