Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pain in the tuckus

Wouldn't you know it, just as I'm getting back in the post-holiday swing of my workouts, BAM...I threw my damn back out last night.

I've had sciatica for years, thanks to a pre-marriage romp with Joey on his desk at work. It was pretty damn awesome until I realized that yup, I was STUCK in a very compromising position that was probably going to take some assistance to get myself out of. And it's been downhill ever since. The memory that keeps coming back over and over and over.

Anyhow, I got some steroids and ibuprofen and even Flexaril (which I'm trying not to take if I don't have to) and already feel much, much better. Once I'm up and moving around I'm a wee bit stiff but it doesn't hurt like hell. Getting up and down is a whole other story.


Meanwhile, Joey is having a sleep study tonight because they think he has sleep apnea. Honestly, I've been nagging him for years about this because not only does he snore like a freight train, but he'll stop breathing like his train has come into the station and run out of steam.

The snoring really isn't bad unless he goes to bed before me (which is very rare) and gets ramped up before I can settle in. Then I just lie there and think about how I should've watched more episodes of either Forensic Files or Snapped just so I could know how to smother him in his sleep without anyone knowing. Snoring will do that to a sane person, I tell you. I don't think there's a jury of non-snorers out there who would convict me.


So if Joey ends up having sleep apnea, they want him to wear one of those CPAP masks every night. This will actually require us to get a REAL bed, something we haven't had in about 8 years since we upgraded to a king-size bed. The bed is supposed to have a headboard to hang the hose off of. I am thrilled because honestly, I've been desperately wanting to get a new headboard to match the rest of the furniture in there instead of it looking like a bunch of hobos are crashing in The Roomstore.

I hear from certain people that sleeping with someone with a CPAP mask is like sleeping with Darth Vader. Unfortunately, I was always kind of a Han Solo kind of girl, so I probably need to adjust my way of thinking.

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