Monday, January 05, 2009

Tell me this isn't the truth

This morning, in the office we are all standing around talking about our stereotypical New Year's diets....

Me: I hate being on a freaking diet.

April: Liz, don't think of it as a diet - think of it as a lifestyle change!

Me: I hate going through a lifestyle change.


And so it begins. I ran on Friday, Sunday, and tonight. Tonight's run was actually pretty good and I realized (ding ding ding!) that all the extra water I'm drinking during the day is really helping me with leg cramps. I don't usually drink nearly enough, and stupid me didn't even link that to my problems with my legs cramping.

Joey is also cutting back and getting on the treadmill too. It's hard enough doing it alone that having someone at least trying to do it with me really helps.

And, I signed up for the 10K on March 28th. Maven is coming down to do it with me. And she's already found a race up in Annapolis for us to try out in May. I think that will help keep me motivated, or at least I hope so.

A small bit of good news - not only did my bloodwork from my doctor visit come back perfect (including all that pesky stuff like triglycerides and such) but I haven't had chest pains at all in the past five days. That's huge. And it makes me smile.


Gretchen said...

Hating the 'lifestyle change' here as well...

Good luck on your run! Any interest in the OKC half at the end of April?

MamaMaven said...

Unfortunately I liked my lifestyle just the way it was as well :( Looking forward to the 10K, I need all those goals. The triathlon torture class starts in 3 weeks, 5AM in the pool, already shivering at the thought!

Tree said...

I know you can do it and you have already started reaping the benefits.