Friday, January 09, 2009

So much for all that good clean livin'

I have tonsillitis. Or maybe an early diagnosis of strep throat. In the words of Dr. W, who took one look in my throat and kind of groaned, "Well, your rapid strep came back negative...however, if we were on a desert island and I didn't have the ability to give you a strep test, I'd err on the side of caution and give you antibiotics. Amoxicillin okay?" Why yes, yes indeedy. And by the way, I like this desert island where I can get pills that make me better.

The diet and exercise is actually going extremely well. I'm excited to weigh in on Monday, because so far I've lost 4.5 pounds. Of course, I didn't work out yesterday and won't today because of feeling kinda crappy, but I got the green light to go for the gusto tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it. I suspect I will be. As for the eating, I've been watching my points carefully and ingesting more fruits, vegetables, and water than I have in YEARS. Seriously, even better than when I originally lost all the weight 3 years ago.

So far, I've noticed a few things - some good, some bad.

Hummus is good.

Hummus is good, but unfortunately it has a rather bad effect on me in terms of making explosive poop.

If I drink water, my skin looks better. And my joints don't creak.

If I drink water in copious amounts, my coworkers get mad because I'm always in the bathroom. Oops.

My body feels better from eating good, wholesome food.

My body feels better, but my mind still wants a large pizza with sausage and pepperoni. And extra cheese, natch.


No layoffs yet at work, unless they happened this afternoon after I left for the doctor. I've heard some rumblings at the office that apparently EPOD, Rookie and I are going to be spared - but two other people that our team inherited might be on the block. It won't really change our workload any, because we've been handling one of their projects already (hence probably what will ultimately do them in) and someone else is getting their other project. The atmosphere around the office has been super tense, but I'm keeping my eyes on the prize and staying focused on taking care of myself and not stressing out about things that I have no control over.

Not to mention, worrying about every bite that is going in my mouth is certainly giving me something else to obsess over.


Have a good weekend, y'all. I'm off to throw some cookies in the oven for my boys, and I have just enough points left for the day to enjoy two of them myself. Yay!

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