Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking the breath right out of me

Here we are, entering Week 8 or something like that of Coughstravaganza.

Not a lot of sleeping going on at our house.

We had a blissful four nights of silent sleep last week. And damn it, the coughing has started again.

Based on all of this my brother-in-law has decided it's time to do what we've been putting off. Testing Monkey Man for asthma. Apparently, from what I've read, night coughing is a big sign of asthma.

Depending on his technician's schedule, this will happen either tomorrow afternoon or Friday.

I knew this was going to eventually come to fruition. I've been kind of in denial about it because with all the food allergy bullshit we have to deal with, it kills me to know that possibly there's another "lifetime condition" that Monkey Man might have to deal with. He's such a good kid, he doesn't deserve to feel like crap all of the time.

And yeah, I feel guilty even complaining about it when there are kids out there that face far greater challenges every day. But, this is my boy. My boy. The only one I've got.

This sucks. I just hope we can figure out why we can't get him better. I'll take asthma over anything more serious, though. I just want answers.


Kim said...

While asthma may be a "lifetime condition," it's usually very manageable. J's best friend has had it since she was a baby, and does just fine participating in sports (swimming, gymnastics, t-ball/softball). They manage it with Advair and a few other drugs which MM may already take. I was diagnosed with it in 8th grade, and while I can't run or really exercise in very cold weather without some major wheezing, I'm fine.

It will be okay :)

joansy said...

I hope the testing goes well.

I suspect that we'll be going the same route with Soph this year. It's only been cold a couple of days in Las Vegas this year but her cough managed to appear like clockwork. I keep expecting each year to get better, but it's going the other direction. And it completely sucks - from the breathing treatments, to seeing that little body struggle to breath, to the doctor appointments and missed school to limiting activities and to the inability to travel without all of the gear as we never know when an attack will happen.

Long way of saying that I know it definitely stinks and I'm sympathizing (sp?) with you. Best wishes to MM and to you.