Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm feeling much better today, thankyouverymuch.


In a few minutes, my lasagna will come out of the oven in all of its cheesy glory. I'm looking forward to eating at least half of the pan. It's been a lazy, lazy weekend. I have read more and watched more TV than I should be allowed to. I'm kind of relieved that we have no one coming to our house for Thanksgiving this year because I'm just not that into it. Don't worry, I will be appropriately into the holiday spirit by Thursday, but not a minute before that.

My only commitment this week? Apple pie to bring to my sister's house. I'm not taking jack shit to my in-laws' Thanksgiving circus. Not after last year's Ugly Cheesecake Incident. No way, no how.

Hope they enjoyed it. Bastards.

I'm a little bitter because this year we will have to drive 2 hours to eat lunch with my in-laws, and then almost 3 hours to my sister's house (which is 45 minutes north of our house) for dinner. The thought of spending the whole day in the car is not appealing - however, we've dodged the bullet for at least the last two years so I guess my luck has run out.

On the good side, at least they're not coming here. Nope. No cheesecake will be stolen this year.

Do I seem bitter about it? Sorry. It was only the most beautiful cheesecake ever. Ever. It was so pretty it made me cry a little.


So today I found out that a former high school classmate that I went out a few times in high school won the freaking Pulitzer Prize a few years ago. How freaking cool is that?

It's times like this when I feel woefully inadequate. I know I shouldn't. But I do.

My mom the other day, when I mentioned the fact that I didn't get a raise this year, started barraging me with the whole "now is your chance to go back to school and DO SOMETHING with your life." Um, I thought I already did? My mom has this funny way of always making me feel woefully inadequate no matter what I do.

She stayed home with four kids. I work with one kid. Not to compare apples to oranges, but life is a lot different than it was in the 60's and 70's when she had us. I wish she could walk in my shoes for just one day to see what it's like.


Is anyone else's kid driving them crazy with their Santa list for this year yet? Egads.

Have a great Monday, y'all. I'm looking forward to a short work week!


MamaMaven said...

Fabulous Monday to you too BM. The lasagna sounds totally yummy!

Lori said...

OMG. My 5 year old boy has been cutting pictures from the 1000 catalogs that we get and stuffing them into envelopes for Santa. There are so many that we have to get a box to mail to Santa. Not that Santa has a clue what he wants because he wants everything & has literally hundreds of cut out pictures stuffed in business envelopes addressed to Santa. Can you pass the lasagna and a glass of wine?