Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Return to sender

This morning promptly at 7:06 I got a triumphant phone call from Cat Door, who returned last night from a 10-day trip to Spain alive and in one piece. I'm not sure how The Mrs. fared on the trip since it was a motorcycle tour and instead of the usual tour for wusses that he signs up for, this one actually required them to ride the bikes from city to city for 10 days versus having a home base and him taking off and riding most of the days alone while she shops. And shops. And shops.

I'm thinking there was a method to his madness on that one, because the woman seriously spent some major bucks last time they went on one of these trips. Do not leave her unattended with a credit card or there will be some major debt racked up.

Anyhow, I guess he is still on Spain Time and had been up for a while and was just itching to talk about his trip to someone other than their dogs. And since I'm probably the only one of our circle that is actually awake and coherent at 7 AM, I was the winner of the phone call.

We chatted for a few minutes and then he finally was like, "Well, what did you think of my email?"

Email? Huh? I didn't get no stinkin' email.

As it turns out, he had gone with a few of the other tour guests to an internet cafe and decided to shoot some emails out to the crew. He tried to email me at work and then copy my gmail account. The work email probably never made it since he has an AOL account and our spam filter is pretty tight and most AOL and Yahoo accounts never make it through.

But what about the gmail address? Yeah, it went through. But not to ME. He apparently sent it to a similar email but not my address. Oops.

So somewhere out in the Midwest, some elderly man is probably checking his email account. "Mabel? Some guy just sent us an email. Says he's in Spain, and that the women are hot but they have terrible teeth...."


MamaMaven said...

Poor CD. Can't wait to here stories from the trip!

g-man said...

Welcome home Cat Door.

Here's to being up at 7. Woo Hoo!