Friday, June 13, 2008

Held hostage by crazy people

I am one of the few people that you will ever meet that will willingly admit to being a control freak. And not in an angry, bitter way - just as a "this is who I am" part of me.

I try not to impose my opinions or wants on other people. But if I feel like I don't have control over a situation, it makes me feel a little sick inside. Okay, really sick inside.

I've worked on it some. And I've embraced it a little, too. I think you can do both, right? RIGHT?

Okay, losing control. Must focus.

This weekend is shaping up to be fun for the most part. In about 30 minutes we will have the following equation take place:

2 moms + 4 kids + 1 Brazilian au pair + 2 bottles of wine + 1 swimming pool = FUN.

Yes, I'm meeting Jay and her crew at the pool. This is our first venture out to our neighborhood pool this year, not exactly sure why but I'm kind of looking forward to it. Not looking forward to blinding everyone with the whiteness of my thighs, but there's going to have to be a point where I have to do that in order to fix the problem.

Then there's tomorrow. Baseball game followed by a trip to Heather's pool with husbands and kids - there will be plenty of beer and good food. Oh, and I have to sneak out and pick up Joey's present from Monkey Man which is ready.

And then, there's Sunday.

As I mentioned last time, the dreaded in-laws decided that they were coming. Then not coming. Then maybe coming. And now, we have no freaking idea exactly when they are coming or if they are coming or if we're meeting them halfway or what. As in, now we have no concrete plans for Sunday waiting on their stupid asses to make up their minds what they are willing to do.

I hate being held hostage by crazy people.

So until then, I am determined not to give Joey any eye-rolling, not to make any snide comments, or undermine his opinion that his parents are the most considerate people on the face of the planet. I think it's pretty evident that they're not and we all can see it, even if he can't. I still have faith that one day, he too will realize that they are psychopathic idiots of the highest magnitude.

Whew, that felt better.


A good thing and a bad thing. Bad things first.

Cat Door's wife - The Mrs. has a very small family. I guess her family didn't reproduce a lot, and her own parents died years ago, so she has a brother (with wife and kids) and a cousin she is close to (and his wife, kids, and parents). Well, she lost one uncle on Tuesday to cancer, and then another passed away this morning unexpectedly. So if you don't mind keeping her in your thoughts, I'd appreciate it. Two funerals in one weekend, and she's taking it pretty hard.

And a good thing. Today is the last day of school, and my boy is officially a rising first grader. With a perfect report card. Mama couldn't be happier.

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Esmerelda said...

Sorry about the funerals. Bleh. I'm all about the large, obnoxious family.

Hugs on Monkey Man's advancement. It's scary, them babies growing up, I TELL YOU!

Your last paragraph about the inlaws is right. You just make it worse by repeating and reacting to what eveyrone else knows. So sorry.