Thursday, April 10, 2008


No questions today. But I'm good with that, because I have other things to talk about.

Mainly, my crazy-ass family. Seriously, people, they are making Joey's parents look like the normal people in this whole equation. And I can't believe I'm even thinking that.

Y'all know my dad means the world to me. He is my biggest hero, not just because he's my dad but he's also a decorated war veteran. The man served in World War II, in the Korean War, and then later on went to Vietnam seven times during the war working for NATO. He's a serious guy, my dad.

I've written about his World War II experience before - it was a trip to Abilene, Texas back in September of 2001 that finally opened my eyes to all of the horrors he'd experienced during the war. Go ahead, click that link and read it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

His Division from that war gathers once a year in various cities around the country for a few days to have a little reunion. And this year, it's back in Abilene. My dad has been talking about it for months, and it's pretty evident that he really wants us all to go along too.

Let's face facts. He'll be 86 in July, he had a major health scare two years ago where we almost lost him, and his prostate cancer seems to be rearing its head again. He went on a trip to Seattle a few months ago with my sister and brother-in-law and it was pretty rough on him. So I think this is it...his last "big" trip and certainly his last trip to Abilene.

I'll be completely honest and say right now that the thought of spending thousands of dollars to go roast my ass off in Texas in August is not exactly my cup of tea. But dammit, the man wants me to go and I'm going to go if it takes everything I have to make it happen.

Yesterday I had talked to my sister and we discussed how to get my brothers to go. I think Dave, my brother in Seattle, will almost definitely go. He's good like that - if you ask him to do something, he'll do it. It's just that you have to ask.

Then there's my brother Paul. The one married to the religious nutjob. The one that caused the major ruckus last summer when my parents and sister drove up to Pennsylvania and were treated like crap. Yeah, click on that link too. The kicker was that my sister-in-law then wrote a rebuttal letter to my parents and sister and refused to take any responsibility for her actions...and then during her next visit to my parents' house locked herself in their Winnebago and refused to come out until she got an apology. For what, I don't know, but my mom told my brother that she was welcome to come in the house but that there would be no apology, so if she wanted to stay out in the Winnebago she was welcome to. An hour later, Cindy gave in and finally came in...but acted like nothing had happened. She is a freak.

Anyhow, I crafted this letter to my family that read like this:

"The highlight of the Abilene trip is going to see the museum. We went when it first opened back in 2001, it was pretty impressive - but they've done a lot more work and it should be a lot of fun getting to see what they've done since we were last there. Not to mention meeting those gentlemen who are still with us and all of the "legacy members" like us is really a lot of fun!
Dad will be 86 this year, and I suspect that this will probably be his last trip to Abilene. He and Mom have both been dropping hints like crazy that they would love it if we could all go to Abilene and make it a big family trip. Not to mention it's about two weeks after Dad's birthday so wouldn't that be a great birthday present! We are planning on taking <> with us and I know he will be excited to see Texas (although he was mad yesterday to find out that people actually drive cars there and don't ride horses...not sure where THAT came from). It would be great to get as many of the grandkids there as possible too.
Kathie and I have started thinking things through as far as checking airline flights, thinking about transportation and of things to do while we're there. We would love it if as many of us as possible could go and make it a special time not just for Dad, but for all of us. So keep the dates in mind, start checking the airlines for flights, and get your cowboy hats packed!"

Sounds good, right? Not pushy, but kind of a "let's get our act together and go have some fun!"

So this is the response that I get from my sister-in-law. I am so pissed that I am spitting nails. And I am leaving it just as she wrote it, spelling mistakes and all. Keep in mind that this is someone who has allegedly been working on her Ph.D. for at least the last 15 years.

"Liz thanks for adding Paul and I to the mix but it most probably not happen for us. We have done our local hospital's craft show for 27 years. I remember the one year Dave was due within a few weeks. Our dear friend runs the show and there is no one at this point to do it for us. It is a time when we meet with old friends and neighbors. It runs from Aug 13-16. I have expained that to Julian and Ruth but it may be did not register. We must set up all day Tuesday before the show. We had a great time years ago when we went to the Oklahoma reunion. Chris wil be serving once again as an adjunct professor at Kutztown University and Dave would not go alone. We have not shut the door totally but see no way to do the show and the reunion. We are sure it will be a memorable time. Family memories are worth more than money can buy. I sure hope you dad will be at amny more reunions. I am beleiving for that.
Keep in touch. Love Cindy"

Yeah, I'll keep in touch all right. NOT.

I can't even tell y'all how pissed I am about this. They have done NOTHING for my parents for years. And the one freaking time we ask them to do something, they think a stinking craft fair is more important?

I am about ready to send her a go-to-hell email. If you were dealing with a nutjob like her, what would YOU write to her?

*****Edited to add - sorry about the funky fonts, I've been trying to fix it to no avail. Dammit.


Heather said...

You are right, nutjob. You have to finish a PhD in 10 years so there is no way in hell she's getting one, PLEASE tell me she wasn't studying English, she can't string two sentences together conherently!

I think your letter was perfect, hope the biggest part of the family can get their act together and go. I am sure that your Dad will be THRILLED!

Gretchen said...

My only suggestion? Ask your brother directly if he wants to go. Perferrably over the phone. Not through her.

I'd love to see this all work out for you.

Tree said...

For your dad's sake, I certainly hope your brother can make it. It is so sad when a craft fair trumps a request from you to do something for your parents and with enough advanced warning to enable anyone to plan appropriately. Surely the "good friend" would understand, too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with G. I think I would ask your brother directly if he wants to go. She may not have showed him the email. It sounds like they are fairly clost to me. Do you want me to go and slap some sense into her. As Buckcherry says, "Oh you crazy B@#$h!"

Michelle B.

Jen said...

i like the fact she included "family memories are worth more than money can buy"....ummm aren't you choosing not to make family memories so you can sell some crap to make money????