Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More crap you never wanted to know

So today's questions -

Mitzi asked, " if you go to vegas this fall--can i come, too???" Hell yeah. Strap Moosebaby in a sling and let's go, girl!

Then Heather asked two questions:

"If you hadn't ended up in construction what do you think you might have done?" You know what I really wanted to do? Teach English at a college. I had the bug that bad, but by the time I finished my ungodly long undergraduate career, I was so sick of school that I never went back to get my master's degree. My second choice would probably have been to be a lawyer but I'm not sure what kind of law I would've liked to work in. My internship in college was at a small firm that had only two partners - one specialized in real estate law, and the other was personal injury and medical malpractice - and I really enjoyed both types. So who knows, maybe I would've been one of those lawyers you see on a billboard in Vegas that will bail your ass out of trouble....

"What is the most surprising thing you've learned as a Mom?" Gosh, that's a really hard thing to answer. I think the biggest surprise to me was that I could be a good mom without having "mom" as my primary label, if that makes any sense. For the first two years of Monkey Man's life, I was very depressed and had a hard time focusing on much outside of just existing. Then I finally got my groove back and started becoming more like the Me that I was prior to Monkey Man arriving...and I found out that I really didn't feel as guilty about it as I thought I would. It's OK to take an afternoon to do something selfish. It's OK to take an occasional trip with just the hubby to reconnect. And it's OK to not dress in Mom Jeans. Oh yeah, it's totally OK.


Well, a little more progress on the bathroom front today. The old shower is GONE. Hallelujah! And in it's place is the framing for a kickass closet. That sucker is BIG. Plenty of room for towels, the 50,000 bottles of medicines that currently reside under Joey's sink, and all kinds of other stuff. Color me ecstatic.

The re-cut glass allegedly arrived in town today and they *might* be back tomorrow to put it in. But we'll see. I realized today that we are now four weeks from the measuring and ordering of the glass and still don't have a functional shower. Well, I guess it functions but I suspect it probably would leak since, um, they did such a shitty job caulking it.

And of course the week wouldn't be complete without a Cat Door phone call about something totally random....apparently there is a "country jazz" band (whatever the hell that is) that plays at our local McDonald's on Tuesday mornings. So he spent yesterday morning inhaling a few Egg McMuffins and flirting with a bunch of 80-year-old ladies who probably thought he was the cutest thing ever. He then had to run and promised to call me back for a glass update...never this morning I texted him: "If ur not busy gumming down egg mcmuffins with your geriatric girlfriends plz call me." He just loved that.


Thanks for the thoughts about my dad.

He was diagnosed about 11 years ago. At the time, his doctors elected not to remove his prostate gland because the cancer was able to be contained through radiation. Since then he's done both the little radioactive pellet treatments, and then the hormone shots.

Nothing's working anymore. His PSA level is up, not terribly high but enough to be concerned. They are going to try some kind of medication (and neither Mom or he knew the name of it) if his insurance will approve it. And he admits that for a few weeks things have felt "different" so I guess the doctor's visit was well-timed.

We might be out of options. I'm hoping he will agree to come here for a second opinion and so we can get some more information. But honestly, the guy will be 86 this year and how much does he really want to put himself through? It does concern me greatly because two of his brothers died of bladder cancer - but both were heavy smokers and Dad never smoked, so maybe that has been his saving grace. And at this point my Dad has outlived almost everyone in his family and cheated death almost two years ago, so maybe we've been lucky to have that extra two years.

No, we are lucky. Really lucky.


Questions are still open! And yeah, I realize I'm about as exciting as Sominex, sorry 'bout that.

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Mitzi Green said...

strap moosebaby in a sling? more like, "strap moosebaby to his father." hey, dudes need to bond. ;)