Sunday, April 20, 2008

Of ear wax, baseball and torture

I think I'm on the tail end of this thing. Well, at least I haven't had to pick my lungs up off the floor in about two days. That's a good sign, right?

My vow on Thursday to everyone that asked me about weekend plans was to do NOTHING. Hell, I'd given up tickets to see Sevendust on Thursday night so you know I must have been at death's door.

After I posted Thursday's blog, it was time to go upstairs and give Monkey Man a bath. As I was helping him with his medicine I noticed he looked a little odd. Yup, the fever was back. Sigh. And then Friday morning, it was still around but only at 99 degrees. So Joey sucked it up and took Monkey Man with him to the office and then back to the doctor since we were admonished to bring him back if the fever was still around on Friday. And you know how this goes - another blood draw just to find out that his blood counts were back down in the normal range so he was apparently at the tail end of things. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I worked a half-day and then came home to rest. The tile people had been back in the morning to do some touching up but other than the windowsill in the shower I think they got everything done and perfect. And I had warned Cat Door that I didn't want to find one solitary soul in my house on Friday afternoon because I was going to REST.

Ha. I coughed and coughed and coughed. I felt horrible. Honestly I should've probably taken the day off instead of working that piddly half-day. But I sat my ass on the couch and rested until it was time for dinner and then met the boys for dinner.

Yesterday was Monkey Man's first official baseball game. I think they won - they don't really keep official score but he did get three home runs and was on third base when they got their third out. The kids were absolutely adorable and there is this one kid named Joe who is really small for his age and has really struggled the whole time. Well, he got on base yesterday and the whole freaking crowd went insane. It was really something. Joe ended up getting the game ball and you would've thought he won the World Series. Definitely one of those feel-good moments.

It was gorgeous outside yesterday - lower 80's, sunny, nice breeze. I actually enjoyed being outside for the game and then we headed up to one of the malls for lunch and to get Monkey Man a pair of cleats. I love this time of year. Everyone's so happy not to be bundled up, they seem to be smiling with every ounce of energy within themselves. And the people watching is primo.

For some reason, Joey had gotten this bee in his bonnet a few weeks ago to go to the eye doctor at the mall to get examined and then get glasses. Keep in mind that yes, we have had vision insurance for years and it had been a good 10 years since he'd actually been to get his eyes checked...and at that time he needed glasses for driving. Oops. So yesterday since it was so nice, we checked to see if they could fit him in and sure enough he was able to get the exam and a pair of regular glasses and sunglasses as well.

Oh, and when Lens Crafters says "new glasses in about an hour", they're not implying that you'll be out of there in 45 minutes. I'm just sayin'.

We all came home tired and happy, I didn't sleep worth ass last night, and other than a quick run to get breakfast and a few things at the store we've been holed up at the homestead all day. It's rained pretty much all day so far so it's probably a good thing otherwise we would've felt compelled to make another busy day for ourselves. I've got plenty to do, don't get me wrong, but the world won't come to an end if I don't get to it today. I've been too busy flushing my ears out.

Yup, you read that right. I have been blessed by one particular thing from my mother, and that's poorly draining ears. Like if you take a Q-tip and clean your ears out, you usually get something - right? Not me. One side drains properly, whereas the other one drains poorly and usually it will take something like a head cold or getting water in my ear at the pool that will then force me to get out the wax removal kit and spend a good hour of my life that I'll never get back flushing things that look like small waxy aliens out of my head. It is horrible. Yet oddly entertaining. So last night I went to blow my nose and WHAM suddenly my left ear started acting all strange. It crackled all night long so I knew what was looming in my future today...bleh.

So we have a busy week coming up, mostly involving me coming up with ways to torture Cat Door for his birthday. He turns 42 on Friday and believe me, he will be tortured within an inch of killing me if I do this right. And I have two years until I turn 40 to enter the witness protection program and move away from here, so I think I'm safe from retaliation until then.

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joansy said...

Hey, no making fun of those of us who are post-40. I hope you're feeling 100% soon. Where are the pics of your bathroom!!??