Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heart and sole

I hate shoe shopping with a passion. I don't know exactly what happened to me over the years - it used to be that when I was in high school and studying ballet, I would wear the most ungodly collection of shoes that probably rivaled Imelda Marcos. And I don't know, maybe it was when I went away to college and suddenly ran out of all that parental subsidizing that I started cutting back on my shoe habit.

Now, I'm downright curmudgeonly about shoes. It's not really about looks as much as comfort. And when I find a pair of shoes that I even remotely like and aren't hideous, I snap them up and pray that they last forever.

So imagine my dismay today when I was walking down the hall at work and the top strap of my sandal broke. And when I mean broke, it shredded and is totally non-repairable. I literally took scissors out of my desk drawer, cut the strap off and then cut the same strap off the other shoe so they'd at least match. Dammit. So after work it was off to the mall where I found two relatively decent pairs of black sandals (one with a little heel and the other a flat pair) and stuffed my swollen, sore feet into them. I guess the stress of being shoved into my reengineered shoes had taken its toll on them, because my dogs are swollen like nobody's business.

Anyhow, I've been incredibly busy both at work and at home too. What this means is that at night, I've been basically coming home, attempting to catch up on blogs and news and then collapsing without writing a single word. And you know I always have something to say.

A few highlights of life at Builder Mama HQ in the past week and upcoming:

  • The bathroom renovation is finally done, praise Jesus or whatever you want to throw up the "hi" sign to.
  • We are inheriting a new Pimp Mobile tomorrow. We're going to call this one Pimp Mobile 2.0. All I have to say is I'm not going to complain that we are getting the same damn vehicle, because it's FREE. FREE is good. Especially when gas is like $4 a gallon.
  • I am heading out of town Thursday to go visit my friend. I have had this airline ticket credit hanging around for a while and I got a great deal on this ticket, so I'm basically paying $10 to fly.
  • And...while I'm gone, guess who is coming to visit? Yup, the In-Laws. Karma is smiling on me right now.

I also have a few birthday wishes to throw out there - albeit late ones. First of all, a belated happy birthday to MPP's Mom who had a birthday, um, about a week ago. Sorry, girl. Then, last Friday two of my favorite hunka-hunka-burning love fellas had their birthday - that would be GMan and Cat Door. How odd is it that the two of them have the same stinkin' birthday? And last, but certainly not least, Maven's birthday is today. Happy birthday to all the peeps! And if I forgot anyone...well, sorry. I'm senile.

Anyhow, I have like 50 loads of laundry to do tonight because I have to take Rufus to a "prescreening" for a new doggie daycare and boarding facility up the road from our pad tomorrow night. And I leave Thursday afternoon. So I have to get moving, yo.

I do have one small funny to share. This past weekend was Cat Door's birthday, as I previously mentioned, and he had invited us to their house for "dinner" (which since The Mrs. doesn't cook, you can imagine who actually brought and fixed all the food, ahem) to meet the fam damily. Saturday night was dinner, then Sunday we all met downtown for brunch with the family too. On Saturday night, I was opening the mail at our house when I came across a piece of mail actually addressed to Cat Door but with our address on it. So you know what I did...brought it to his birthday brunch and presented it to him in front of everyone saying, "Cat Door, you know you've been working at our house too long when you're starting to get mail delivered there!" And you know what...he showed up yesterday and finished. So maybe embarrassment was the final motivating factor, ha ha.

Anyhow, off to sort socks. Later gators.


joansy said...

Total score on the in-law visit. Congrats!!!

Ditto Congrats on the bathroom and new pimp mobile.

Have a great trip.

Esmerelda said...

Does laundry ever END?!?!

g-man said...

Ha. Too funny about me and CD. I knew I like that dude for some reason. :)

Have fun.