Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did I mention that I can't drink alcohol?

Did I mention lately that I'm tired?

Oh, yeah. Oops. Scratch that.

Um...let's see...

There are a lot of little things going on around here. Nothing earth-shattering, unless you count the fact that I haven't been able to drink alcohol in over a week. My friends are duly impressed.

My parents are coming this weekend for a baby shower that is being given for my niece-in-law Yancey - she is due in four weeks and when we had lunch on Monday I was happy to see how marvelous she looked. Seriously, folks, I was like the worst, fattest, most horrendous pregnant person ever - while Yancey just glows and looks all fabulous.

So that seems all simple, right? Well, add my sister in there and you know that's all going to crap. I love my sister. Love her. But she drives me absolutely insane. Without going into a whole saga, I will say that she invited my parents to come for five days - arriving tomorrow - and then suddenly two days ago, calls me at work to tell me that she's "busy" on Friday and can Mom and Dad stay at our house?

Um, okay?

It's not that I don't want my parents here. But dammit, I get tired of her making family arrangements without consulting with me first. I work. She doesn't. I have a small kid. She doesn't. She tries to make it "easy" on me by planning everything at her house. Spending 45 minutes in the car each way to go to and from her house isn't making my life easy. It's exhausting.

The other factor is that we had plans tomorrow night - my office Christmas party, and then one of my subcontractors (and a personal friend of ours) invited us to come to his company party. We had a babysitter. So I cancelled it all so that I could have dinner here at the house for my parents.

And now they're not coming until Saturday morning. That sound you hear? Is the sound of me hitting my head against my laptop.

And the kicker? My sister's "busy" was going to a Christmas party. Ahem.

So anyhow, it all worked out. And honestly, it's for the best because Joey is sick with an upper respiratory infection and my parents probably shouldn't sleep in The House of Pestilence, a.k.a. my house. Not to mention that if I can't drink, I probably shouldn't be in a confined area with my mother for longer than an hour or two.

Last night was the Badass Ladies' Night Out. It was kind of disappointing. First, I can't drink. And yes, I know I mention it constantly, but it's sucking all the joy out of my life right now. Anyhow, second - Jay ended up getting upset when her kids called to say goodnight and the oldest one guilted her into a total meltdown. Poor thing, between the exhaustion, having a newborn that had cried all day on Tuesday, and the post-pregnancy hormones, she was a sobbing wreck. It kind of put a damper on the night and I felt so bad for her that I wanted to have a drink. I mean, pour her a drink.

Three more days. Three more days.

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g-man said...

Suck it up buttercup, it's for your own good. (And the good of your hoo ha. ;) Hang in there toots.