Saturday, December 22, 2007

And so it goes

Yesterday morning I was sitting at my desk when my phone started ringing. I noticed it was my sister's number so I chose not to answer. I wasn't ready to talk to her yet.

I listened to the voice mail. Long and teary, she said that my mom had told her that I was angry with her over the whole birthday fiasco, and she was sorry and hoped I'd call her.

I did. We talked. She apologized and I accepted. I never felt like she did it intentionally - she mentioned that she thought I was too busy to come, to which I told her that in the future I'd like that to be MY decision, not hers. I get such limited chances to see our parents that not being included is really hurtful.

So it's all good. And apparently the trip to Williamsburg was a total disaster, so maybe it's a good thing I didn't go.


Thanks to one of Joey's biggest customers, we got free tickets to The Nutcracker last night. I figured it would be a great opportunity to take Monkey Man to see it without blowing over $100 if he crapped out on us halfway through. Not to mention the theatre where it was being performed is truly beautiful. And has open bar.

What we didn't realize was that apparently they only do that for adult-themed shows. You can get a mixed drink or a beer and take it back to your seat. People love it and they're very responsible about it too - it's not a sloppy drunkfest by any means. Last night they only allowed alcohol in the lobby, so I guess that they don't allow it for kid-themed shows. Which is kind of ironic because that's one of the times most parents WISH they had a drink.

The show was good. I'm a little jaded since I grew up outside New York City and saw it at the Lincoln Center a few times. And Monkey Man made it the whole way through, an impressive feat. He fell asleep about 7 minutes after we pulled out of the parking deck.


Tonight is Joey's company office party. It may or may not include alcohol, lots of tasteless jokes, someone not wearing underwear, and maybe a fight or two. It should be interesting.

In my regular party-prep mode, I've been a total slug today. Well, I did do a little supplemental Christmas shopping today and of course we had to go to Costco. It has gotten to the point where we were almost out of toilet paper and starting to eye the newspaper as a possible option. And since we got back, I've been watching all kinds of quality TV like "Expensive Celebrity Divorces". Good times.

Tomorrow is a Forced In-Law Interaction. We're driving an hour from here to do a gift exchange and have brunch. A small price to pay so that they're not holing up in our house for Christmas. And, allegedly, my brother-in-law might actually get off his sorry ass and go too.

Off to shower. And figure out what to wear that's the appropriate mix of "slutty" and "responsible boss' wife". Hmmmm.


Esmerelda said...

I'm sure you've chosen an appropriate outfit that 'accidentally' highlights your ummm assets.

Happy Holidays.

Heather said...

Hope that you had fun with the roofies and no one ended up in jail. Hope that the ILs didn't do anything stunningly stupid (well maybe I do, I could use a good story). Glad that things are patched up with your sister! Ho ho ho