Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oh my damn

I think we've discovered an all new form of birthday party torture.

Six-year-old karaoke party.

They should've provided earplugs. The kids had a blast, though. I was wishing I'd brought a flask.


Tonight is my friend Heather's birthday dinner along with the rest of the Badasses. There will be drinking involved, probably a taxi home, and maybe even some tattoos. Wish me luck.


I am thankful that my son seems to make friends easily. He came home this week to tell me about a kid who was snubbed on the playground, so Monkey Man and his buddy Q went over and said "we'll be your friends, come play with us." It made my heart sing.


Heather said...

I can't wait to hear of drunken debauchery!

I would say the other option for the six year old karaoke party would be lots and lots of liquor for the adults--its what makes adult karoke bearable!

g-man said...

Tattoo pics!!

Don't even want to contemplate karaoke.

Go MM. (wonder where he gets that from? Must be Joey. :)