Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Great Thanksgiving Negotiations of 2007

Today's the first day of NaBloPoMo. Remind me in about a week when I'm whining about the lack of something to say that it was a great idea to sign up for this so I can break out of my posting rut!

We survived Halloween. And when I say survived, I mean that we had a blast. We got together with a group of the Badasses and their assorted young 'uns and we hit the streets around 7 PM. I don't know whose idea it was to bring a wheeled cooler, but God bless them. I'm really not sure who had more fun - us or the kids. And no one was maimed during the making of Halloween 2007, so that was all good. Pictures will be forthcoming when I'm not too lazy to go outside and get my camera out of the car.

And with the advent of the first day of November comes two important events. First, The Birthday of The Monkey Man, which shall be celebrated in multiple parts culminating on the Day of His Birth, November 19th. Then the Great Thanksgiving Negotiations of 2007 will be commencing, probably this weekend.

I think it was Gretchen who referred to it as the Holiday Dance. Who goes where for what holiday. It's a topic that I generally avoid since it usually results in something akin to World War Three every few years or so. Things got so bad three years ago that Joey and I actually had to sit down and negotiate where we were going for what holidays, birthdays, and even down to Father's Day and Mother's Day. Last year, our whole holiday season was pretty much shot due to my dad's illness and Monkey Man's illness - we were saved from having to negotiate down to the minute where we were going for the holidays. We just didn't really go anywhere.

I'm glad that everyone is healthy this year (which I probably just jinxed so I am knocking on some wood - with my forehead) but honestly, it makes me a little sick to think of the upcoming argument. I just found out tonight that apparently my Brilliant Brother will be coming from Seattle for a visit so that throws a whole monkey wrench into things. My only saving grace is if I can convince Joey that we can invite his parents up to go eat Thanksgiving dinner at a fancy restaurant. We did that a few years ago and it was the most mercifully conflict-free Thanksgiving we've had in years. Plus I didn't have to put up with their asses for the whole weekend, which was a in-laws, no dirty dishes. And thankfully, no naked father-in-law sightings.


The other part of NaBloPoMo that I'm taking part in is 30 Days of Giving Thanks. Some of the things might be silly, some might be serious...but they'll be at the end of each daily post.

This year, most of all, I am so thankful for the health of my entire family. You are all amazing!


Heather said...

Best wishes for a thankful and conflict free holiday season!

Gretchen said...

Holiday Dance indeed.

Hopefully it will go smoothly as possible.

Halloween sounds like it was a blast. We had warm apple cider, and a bottle of somthing to make it even warmer, if one wanted.