Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life's a beach

We're back home, safe and sound. And what a great weekend we had...I think we're on a roll, people!

We rolled into town on Friday night in time to meet Malcolm and Paula for dinner at a raw bar. After having six cavities filled on Friday afternoon (and Joey had been to the doctor for a massive sinus infection), the only thing I really wanted for dinner was some bourbon. Luckily, they had really great oysters and crab legs so I had plenty to gum down. Not to mention some killer fresh tuna with wasabi and soy sauce, mmmm.

After that, it was pretty much time to crash for the night so we could get some fun in on Saturday before the big concert. We hit the beach right after breakfast - this was Monkey Man's first time EVER being in the ocean, and despite how freaking cold the water was he absolutely loved it. I mean seriously, the kid was laughing his ass off the entire time.
Joey's not much of a beach person, but a little birdie had told me what an awesome pool our hotel had so I dragged the boys up there and we spent a few hours there. It was niiiiice.

The outside pool was one of those infinity pools that made you feel like you were going to swim right off the top of the building - but the water was ice cold, so we stuck to the indoor pool where Monkey Man did cannonballs over and over and over. Nice to see all those swimming lessons paid off, heh.
We showered up, walked up the strip to this place called LunaSea for lunch - billed as "California cuisine" it was this odd mix of Tex Mex and...well, I'm not exactly sure. It was a really wierd place with killer guacamole and even better margaritas.
Later on we took naps and then went to Malcolm's to hang out before dinner - we went to our usual go-to favorite, Il Giardino which has great food.
And then it was time to rock.
The concert had Foreigner, Styx, and Def Leppard. I have to honestly say that Def Leppard's lead singer is really the weakest link in the whole group - his voice seemed to get a little stronger as the concert went on, but he was hard to hear and his range is really going quickly. I had noticed last year it was pretty lacking too. Foreigner really rocked, and Styx was surprisingly good too. Not to mention it was funny to see how freaking short Tommy Shaw is - no wonder he wore platform shoes in all the Damn Yankees videos.
Monkey Man loved it. He rocked through the whole thing. And he wants to go back next time.
That's MY kid. No doubt about it.
In my continuing quest for new ways to torture myself, at 11:45 on Monday I have an appointment for a consultation for laser hair removal.
Please pray that they don't burn off my hoo-ha. Thank you.
I feel like I kind of need to apologize for not being around much. I've been in a kind of self-imposed funk over the last two weeks and really get tired of whining so much, know what I mean?
I'm not happy with work. I feel fat. My kid starts school in two weeks. I have a friend going through some serious depression issues. I am stressing about the budget for our hopeful bathroom remodel. But you know, it's not anything major. And it's not anything I can particularly put my finger on.
Today, though, I realized that we reached a milestone yesterday. It marked a year since my dad's illness. And to think about how well he's doing - well, it just kind of makes me feel stupid for all the whining.
I'm so thankful. And I promise to get my ass off of my shoulders here, stat.


Heather said...

Wow, big weekend! Glad you all enjoyed. Its hard to believe its been a year since your Dad was sick, glad that he is doing well.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

The weekend looks awesome, LOVE the pics!!! And first time to the beach EVER? What the?

And sorry about your funk. Hope you feel better soon.

Mitzi Green said...

yeah, i've been in the same funk (hate my job, hate my fat ass, hate db, stressed about money, stressed about moving, stressed about bob starting school tomorrow, ad nauseum). but i will continue to bore the masses with my whiny-ass-crybaby bs. and i expect you to do the same, missy.

styx rules. domo aregato, mr. roboto...

g-man said...

WOW spreading the rock to the next generation! You go! Welcome home toots, missed you, mean it. ;)

Mayberrys said...

I am SOOOOO looking forward to the update on laser hair removal!! Been thinking about that myself...