Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The evils of the hoo-ha

I'm starting to see a common theme here.

Every time we go to the beach and I swim in any swimming pool down there, I end up with you-know-what.

Skanky hoo-ha. A bacterial infection. I'm really tired of this.

I'm wondering if the Yasmin pills that I take for birth control aren't a huge part of the problem. As in I went like 35 years with almost zero problems and now the past two years it's like I'm suffering from perpetual crotch rot in the summertime. Yogurt doesn't help. Acidophilus (or as one of my friends called it yesterday, Snuffleupagus) doesn't help. Showering immediately upon exiting the pool doesn't help. And what is it about the pools down there versus the ones here - I NEVER have problems after swimming here. Do they use different chemicals or stronger ones or what?

So I'm off at lunchtime to go see Dr. Brown and get some meds as well as figure out what the next step is. I'm thinking maybe the Mirena IUD, but another part of me thinks something like the NuvaRing might work too. Anyone have good/bad experiences with either, or have some suggestion other than birth control pills? And no, abstinence isn't an option because the pool boy would be very disappointed. Ahem.

I'm not quite ready for either tubal ligation or for Joey to get snipped (which he volunteered for a long time ago and is still ready to go). It just seems so...final. I know we're done but part of me just can't cut the cord, so to speak.

Give me a holler if you have any suggestions. Or if you don't want your naughty bits all out here for everyone to see, drop me a line at buildermama@gmail.com.

My hoo-ha and I thank you.

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g-man said...

Thanks for the skanky ho-ha image that I had in my head since this morning. (At least my lovely wife wont have to worry about me wanting ho-ha tonight :)

Bummer for you and your delicate parts, seems that if you are not doing one thing to the poor "girl" it is something else.