Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drinking should be mandatory at all company events

About two weeks ago, we received an email from my boss' boss that we were "invited" to attend a happy hour at the local wing place. Invited, as in "if you're not here we're going to talk a bunch of smack about you and call you a pussy." It's kind of one of those company events that it's probably a good idea if you attend, lest people start thinking you've gone crazy and stopped drinking.

April, however, has stopped drinking. She's been going through some personal shit and ended up voting with her doctor to try some Zoloft to deal with some anxiety issues - and therefore can't drink. She was more than bummed out about this happy hour thing because no one, and I mean no one, loves a good happy hour like April. She actually was not even going to go.

So I took a bullet for the team and volunteered to be her non-drinking buddy. What the fuck was I thinking? Company events are NO fun when you don't drink. But I sucked it up and had my Diet Pepsi and hopefully it helped her a little bit to know at least one other person at the bar wasn't getting shitfaced on the company dime. I, however, was rueing my decision and wishing that I'd had maybe just one beer. Just one. Or I guess I could've gotten a shot and poured it in my Diet Pepsi. Or two.

Anyhow, I toughed it out until 6 and then decided to head home to my boys. Kindergarten orientation is tomorrow at 2 PM (rant: why the hell do they schedule this crap in the middle of the work day instead of say 3 - 5 PM?) and I have a backpack to get together so we can haul his umpteen gluesticks in there.

And I will so need a drink after that.

His teacher, we found out, is Mrs. Smith. I think she must be in the witness protection program. I mean, how...ordinary is that name? Maybe she uses an alias so parents won't stalk her. Maybe. I have my ways, though.


Thanks to everyone for the emails about the birth control options. I was surprised at all the options y'all use (especially the pregnancy method of birth control, ha ha) but it gave me some good things to talk to Dr. Brown about.

The decision has been made to get the Mirena IUD. It will take a while for them to process my insurance, then I have to get my yearly exam (October) and THEN they'll do the procedure. Until then, I've been loaded up with multiple samples and refills of hoo-ha medicine and told to stay on Yasmin.

It's going to be a long two months. Looooong.


More tomorrow on the mysterious Mrs. Smith. I hope I can sleep tonight.


Heather said...

Good luck with Mrs. Smith. I swear every school has one! The middle of the day orientation is a PITA, I did my time last week.

Do you believe they started school here on Monday and they have Friday off AND Monday? Why bother!

joansy said...

Thankfully our orientation was at 6:30 pm, though meet the teacher was at 11 am the next day.

Good luck with Mrs. Smith, the meds, and the drinking. And happy last week before school.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Wait, you can't drink when you are on Zoloft??? Uh oh.

And P.S. I get the Minera next month for my endometriosis garbage next month. Even though Bryan has had the snip. I guess we'll be double double protected.