Thursday, July 12, 2007

A mish-mash post full of goodness

'Scuse me, but I have some bidness to tend to.

First, my homegirl Jen tagged me for 7 random things about myself. Let's see how random I can get:
1. I used to have a terrible bridge and tunnel phobia. It's under control now, but occasionally I find myself breaking into a sweat on a really high bridge. Probably having to cross a few on the way to and from work every day cured it, huh?

2. I can play the violin. Really. Seriously. And the flute (and I'm not referring to the skin type, although I can rock that too). And piano. And English handbells. I am a wild woman!

3. I have never smoked a cigarette or anything else for that matter. I think I was always too scared that my mom would find out and kill me, which was probably a pretty valid concern.

4. My first major in college was Pre-Dental. I got over that pretty quickly. The thought of smelling people's bad breath all damn day was way too much.

5. When I was pregnant, I wanted a c-section versus regular childbirth. I was scared to death of getting an episiotomy and the possibility of subsequent tearing. After having a friend get third degree tears down yonder, that pretty much took any desire for vaginal birth away from me.

6. There are lots of popular movies that I have either never seen or have only seen bits and pieces of. How about Animal House, Blues Brothers, Sixteen Candles, Caddyshack just to name a few? But damn, I've seen Gone With The Wind about a zillion times, and don't even get me started on Boomerang.

7. I was eighteen when I lost my virginity. Again, thanks to my mom who told me that if she found out I was bumping nasties with anyone, she was going to kick my ass out of the house. So I waited until I was eighteen just in case she found out, because then I could rent my own apartment. I kind of forgot about the whole part about needing money to pay rent, but whatever. It all worked out for the best.

Thanks, Jen, for making me feel like a freak. And if you haven't been by Jen's please stop by so you can read about her girls, the Third Child, and all the fun going on at her hizzouse.


Then, one of my favorite studs, GMan, nominated a bunch of us as Rockin' Girl Bloggers. He's really an honorary one and was nominated as such by Aimee. Good catch, Aimee - I can't think of anyone more deserving of a set of honorary ovaries as GMan.

Thanks, GMan. That's some pretty lofty company that you've lumped me with, including some of my favorite bloggers and some new ones that I will definitely need to check out.

And not only is he a Rockin' Girl Blogger, he gifted me with the most precious gift of all:

A pimped-out version of my Avalon. All I need are some spinners and I'm in there!
I promised myself that I wasn't going to post any family drama today. And thankfully, it's been very quiet on the homefront.
Work, however, has been a little different. Tomorrow is The Fox's last day, and this morning he came into my office and we talked for a while about why he is leaving and what his future holds. His exit interviews were yesterday, and he told all the management people that the best thing about working at our company was working with EPOD and me.

Me? Little old me? I was shocked and flattered, to say the least. It has been such a pleasure working with him that it really never crossed my mind that he might actually enjoy working with me too. We've known each other over ten years, we worked on a few projects together way back when and of course when he made the comment about how much he enjoyed working with me and how long we'd known each other, I had one of those moments.

You know, those moments when you blurt something out and then desperately wish that you could reel it back into your mouth? And you pray that no one heard you?

I kind of told him about how ten years ago I had a horrible crush on him. I mean, it came just running out of my mouth like verbal diarrhea, the likes of which I've never seen and hope I never see again. He turned about twenty different shades of red and purple and said, "Gosh, that's like the nicest compliment I've had in a long time!"

Oh God. Me and my big mouth. At least tomorrow is his last day, right?
I've got to work on that whole impulse control thing.


That's all, folks. Have a fabulous Friday!


Heather said...

Lovin' the car and you are certainly one of the most rockin' girl bloggers I know! Did you realize tomorrow is appropriately enough the 13th? Glad that you and The Fox could share a little mutual love today ;)

g-man said...

I played the violin for about two weeks, and I'm sure you rock the flutes!

OOoo 'taint tearing, makes me cringe on your behalf.

You have a big TV watch them.

You're welcome and you're welcome :)

I'm sure you and the Fox will keep in touch, and so long as you didn't say anything about sex dreams you should be able to back away slowly RE: your big mouth. :)