Friday, January 05, 2007

Thank God this week is over

I'm not sure exactly how this week started out so well and then spiraled into a superb display of crapdom, but I'm so happy it's Friday.

Work has been out of control. Just because the fuckers barely worked since mid-December does not give them the right to actually work this week, right? Between contracts and logistical problems and accounting problems I have been up to my ass in alligators every day this week. Not to mention that it has seriously hampered my online surfing. Bastards.

Then, there's the tae kwan do disaster. We're supposed to take Monkey Man to two classes a week. This is seriously hampering my life - that's two nights a week that we don't get home until close to 8 PM. And the bad part is that I know as he gets older, it's only going to get worse. Then it will be football or soccer or whatever and homework and everything else that goes with it. Hell, we can't even manage to get the preschool homework done - I am so going to be screwed next year when he goes to actual school and has actual homework. Like the kind you get graded on. Jesus.

Yesterday, my friend and coworker Amy lost her mom to cancer after five long years of battling it. Amy's dad also happens to work in our office, so it cast a huge shadow on the office yesterday and today knowing that the end had come. A very sad time for some really great people. Tomorrow's the viewing, so a group of us girls are going to ride together.

Add to all this the friend drama and well, my spirit has pretty much been crushed. To the point where I didn't even want to go out for dinner. Can you believe that? I picked up a pizza, people. That is serious.

But now, it's off to throw on my running clothes and hop on the treadmill and attempt to get in a few miles. The 10K is looming ahead - about 85 days away - and I am so not prepared. Basically, I'm starting from scratch since I've been less than diligent about working out since August. And I'm hoping to be good enough not to be embarrassed when all the real jocks from our office blaze by me on the course.

I guarantee you one thing, though. I will be far cuter than they will. I'm scoping out outfits now. One must be dressed appropriately, you know.


Heather said...

You always do better when you look better, buy the outfit first, train later!

Hope you can relax a bit this weekend!

g-man said...

Run naked, THEN they will either be running backwards to get a look trip over themselves and you will win! OR they will run behind you to get a look and you will win, either way it is a win, win! ;)

joansy said...

Hoping your weekend is much better than your week , , ,