Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Brain dead

After being awakened five times last night (two times because I had imbibed a venti No Fun from Starbucks around 7 PM and my bladder was bursting and three times because a certain small person was having continuous nightmares about a large bear with yellow eyes and very sharp teeth), and then writing over 30 contracts in the past two days, I am pretty worthless. To the point where I even emailed Gretchen today and told her that I wasn't going to call her until I had something worthwhile to say. It's that bad.

So, if you asked me the other day to link you, I haven't done it. I suck. But I promise to catch up this weekend. Okay?

This has actually been a pretty good week so far. EPOD has been in a semi-decent mood (other than having to pay for his traffic ticket from the accident he had the other week), Chachi - other than farting all day today - has been unusually charming, and my girlfriends and I have had two really good lunches this week. We live to eat.

But right now, I'm at the point of exhaustion and need to go wash my face and get my quilt and crash on the couch. If I hadn't burned through all of my sick and vacation time so quickly last year, I'd be seriously thinking about pulling a No-Show tomorrow just for a mental health day. So much for that idea...better save it for other things like trips to Vegas and spa days. Good, legitimate reasons for missing work.

I promise to have a better attitude tomorrow. Really. I got nuthin'. Even the dog is rolling the tennis ball under my feet to try and get me to play and giving me the "YOU SUCK" look.

But if you're looking for something funny, slide on over to G-Man's new place and check out one of my favorite Monty Python skits ever. Those fuckers were funny.

And I am not. Nighty-night.


g-man said...

And now for something completely different :) Thanks for the plug.
As for the mental health day, take an internal one, close the door and dont answer the phone, stare at the monitor on your desk as it flashes pictures of nude, I mean tropical beaches or whatever. If anyone asks your "looking for loopholes". Have a lovely day.

joansy said...

I think G-man's idea is fantastic. I'm hoping for many a visit by you to gofugyourself and thesuperficial. Hope today is better. . .