Friday, December 29, 2006

A fine kettle of fish I've gotten myself into

Here I sit. It's 1:07 PM and there are only 3 other people in the building. We are, for the first time in 10 years, closing early today. A freaking miracle!

Last night Joey and I went to Morton's for our big blowout and had a very lovely evening. What wasn't so lovely was the damn red wine headache I woke up with this morning. Blah. Anyhow, a few glasses into the bottle and we began discussing our plans for next year. And of course, the subject came up.

Yeah. Procreation. A possible Builder Baby.

Apparently, The Husband had gotten the distinct impression that I didn't want any more kids, so he was going to tell me in a few weeks that he was willing to get The Big V done so that I didn't have to keep taking the pill or get my tubes tied.

Uh, wha? Was it really that obvious?

I think this is a subject better discussed sober, however it seems like it's back on the table for the umpteenth time since I started blogging. And why, I wonder, can't the two of us ever seem to get on the same page at the same time?

The past few months have given me a little more perspective on the subject, and let's just say that the subject has never been entirely closed. However, it seems as though we will have to make a decision in the next few months one way or the other and stick with it.

Have I mentioned that I hate making decisions about my own life? Give me a problem on a jobsite, a product that won't work, numbers that don't crunch, and I handle it with aplomb. But start talking about ovaries and ovulation and I totally freeze up.

So here I sit. Wondering all of the what ifs. Can you still be a bad-ass and carry a diaper bag? I finally found an eye cream that I love, but will it help hide the endless sleepless nights? And damn, I freaking hate maternity clothes.

I do know one thing. There will be no conception prior to our Vegas trip. Because if there is, that will be one pickled baby comin' out.

Decisions, decisions.


Tree said...

Oh, yeah, I understand. And I know MPPs mom does for sure. However, I did jump over that particular fence and found that I love having another baby. The sleepless nights end, the baby sleeps and it is worth it. But, that is a decision only you and Joey can make.

BTW, we opted for an IUD, despite my age, just to keep the option of #3 out there. It's easy, but not permanent. Perhaps this is the way for you?

Heather said...

The maternity clothes are short lived (and WAY better than they were 5 years ago), the endless nights do end, and you know there are killer bags these days. It is a huge decision, definitely one to be considered stone cold sober.

Good to know that after you are done, whether it is now or after another Joey is willing to go the distance and have the big V.

joansy said...

Best of luck with the decision. I sometimes wonder if I jumped the gun a little too early by insisting that my husband get a V when the girls were about 3-months old. I think we would have ended up in the same place, but I also think we should have waited for sleep deprivation to end before making major decisions. In any event, I totally agree with the wait until after Las Vegas part as I am very much looking forward to having a cocktail, or maybe two or three, with you!

Anonymous said...

When are you going to Vegas, homie?

Hot Lips

g-man said...

Good luck with that. After four, I'm D O N E. Had the big V (at my lovely wife's request, guess she wasn't sure if she was done yet ;).