Friday, August 11, 2006

A root canal or perhaps surgery without anesthesia would be highly preferable

I have two missions within the next week:

1. Get a new driver’s license
2. Get a passport

Can you think of anything more fun except for maybe disemboweling yourself with a plastic knife?

My driver’s license still has the address on it from our last house. That we moved from almost 1.5 years ago. Apparently, by state law I only had 30 days to update my address, but I’m choosing to ignore it. And I have to admit, if they slap the cuffs on me tomorrow it will give me a welcome rest in jail - 3 squares, bed to sleep in, and my very own bitch. After this week, it's sounding pretty good to me.

I hate the DMV. How in the hell they manage to take the ugliest pictures ever for your driver’s license, even when you think you’re looking pretty darn good, is beyond me. Must be the lens on the camera. Not to mention that I found out tonight that I have to bring like 16 forms of identification, a pint of blood, and my firstborn child to get a new license. I guess I better start digging through our files downstairs and see what I can scrape together. My plan is to go tomorrow morning and be there when they open at 8 AM, and hope for a good hair day.

The last time I got a passport was when I was living in New Jersey and I was wearing a Camp Beverly Hills t-shirt. Yeah, a long freaking time ago. At least that picture made me look pretty good, even if I had the big Jersey hair thing going on. The advantage there was that at the time you could get your passport the same day that you applied for it. Or at least it seemed that way, since I had been dragged in there by my parents I really didn’t pay that much attention. Now we’ll have to pay out the ying-yang for expediting the processing in the hopes we’ll get it in a few weeks.

The reason we’re doing all this is that Joey and his partners won a free trip to Cabo San Lucas from one of their major product manufacturers. One of the partners refuses to fly in an airplane, so we are taking another guy from the office and each of the wives are coming along. Add to that two other couples that we know very well from the business and there will be 10 of us on this trip. The guys are going to be deep sea fishing and the girls will be soaking up the sun, shopping, and just relaxing. (Hey, if anyone has been to Cabo or knows anything about it, please e-mail me at Muchas gracias. And that is the extent of my knowledge of Spanish for the most part.)

Apparently we don’t need a passport for Mexico until the end of 2006, but Joey thought it would be a good idea for us to go ahead and get one (especially considering recent events). And with the driver’s license, I really think it’s time to admit we moved and make sure the address is correct.

Not to mention that I have one of the worst driver’s license pictures ever. About 50 pounds ago and my hair is just so not flattering it’s not even funny. It's so bad that most people that ID me look at the picture, look at me, and get this look on their face like, "Oh my damn." Yes, it’s vain, but I refuse to admit that the real reason I’ve been avoiding the DMV is just because I’m scared of yet another bad picture.

Cross your fingers for me. Send good picture-taking vibes. Good hair, no boogers, you know – that kind of stuff. Thanks.


Christina000 said...

so how did it turn out?

Builder Mama said...

Actually, it turned out pretty darn good considering the subject.

One word of advice to others, though...make sure you don't wear a shirt that is the same color as the background.

Now I look like a floating head. But no boogs and the hair looks pretty good.