Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pottery Barn, I am so hating you right now - and UPS, you don't get off so lightly either

So it's 6:40 AM on Saturday and I just finished ironing my new silk drapes from Pottery Barn.

I ordered them on Tuesday night, they were scheduled for delivery yesterday. Yesterday, I got the shipping confirmation and immediately tried to track everything and make sure it would all be here so I can get these puppies hung this weekend.

Slight snafu - the rings were "stuck" somewhere in the western part of the state and UPS couldn't find them. No problem - I hustled on out to the big mall and tried to buy them. Ooops - out of the ring size that I wanted so I settled for the larger size and called it all good.

Got home last night and found a mountain of boxes in our garage. Thank you, Mr. UPS man! I started unpacking the boxes and began ironing the panels and then got too tired so I decided to finish up this morning.

6:00 AM - crank up the iron and finish pressing the other panels.
6:35 AM - Open the box that looks like the rods will be in there. One stinking rod comes out.
6:37 AM - Call UPS to find out that yes, one of the boxes is actually missing despite it being shown as "delivered" in the tracking system. And I have to call Pottery Barn and get them to contact UPS to authorize a search for the item. Yeah, the morons who actually didn't put the correct tracking numbers with the correct items as I found out by talking to the UPS guy.

Oh, and get this - you know what actually did show up after all? The stupid rings. Now I have to schlep the ones I bought yesterday back out to the store. And I bet I'll be buying another stupid curtain rod too. ARGH.

See, I knew it was a bad idea to finally buy something from them. Bastards.

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Anonymous said...

Did you go through all the trouble and find out the curtains are too short or didn't match? That would really suck at this point. Hope it looks fabulous when it is all done and over.