Monday, June 26, 2006

Sugar devil

Yeah, I'm a food snob. It's well-documented. And I try not to pass my snobbishness along to Monkey Man, but I am pretty particular about what I will and will not buy for him.

My big thing right now - cereal. I really don't want him eating sugary cereal. Maybe it's because I'm not a particularly big fan of cereal myself, since we grew up with having a mom that cooked a hot breakfast for us every morning before school. Well, until I hit the Great Entenmann's chocolate covered donut phase of 1986, 1987, and 1988. And I won't go into the Panera Bread Incident of 2005. Or my addiction to Krispy Kreme that followed thereafter. And it is kind of hypocritical since I will never hesitate to let my kid have a donut or chocolate chip muffin for breakfast, but it's just something about cereal that really bugs me.

Tonight I made the mistake of letting Joey and Monkey Man loose in the grocery store while I went to get gas for my car. The premise was for Joey to get himself some Diet Mountain Dew, Mennen Speed Stick, and to try and find some little furniture pads to use for something at the office. When they finally arrived home, he was carrying several bags and Monkey Man was yelling at the top of his lungs that Daddy had bought him some Lucky Charms. He poured some into a bowl for Monkey Man, who sat down at the proceededd proceded to mainline them as fast as he could.

Joey: Hey, do you want some?

Me: No.

Joey: Come on, you know you want some. Didn't you eat these growing up?

Me: No. Hell no. Those things are awful!

Joey: No they're not! They're awesome! So I told Monkey Man he could have some.

Me: I would rather die a slow, hard death than eat Lucky Charms. And besides, the leprachaun on the box is just creepy as hell. Look at him! It's like he's selling sugar straight from the devil himself.

Joey: Well, coming from a person that won't eat Mini-Raviolis, I'm going to ignore that comment completely.


Tree said...

I personally dislike cereal, as well, but W likes it, too. Cocoa Pebbles & Capn Crunch. UGH. We do have some frosted mini-wheats, though, and it's a good thing because N likes them better than the other two. Go figure.

Mitzi Green said...

i never liked LC's as a kid--i have an aversion to all things soggy and they seemed to sog up rather quickly. but an attack of pms last spring and a 21 year old receptionist willing to share her food led me to realize they truly ARE magically delicious.

and honestly, i've read the labels on most of the "junk" cereals, and nutritionally speaking, they really aren't as bad as we've been led to believe. i compared bob's cocoa puffs to my own gluten-free craptastic organic cocoa crispies, and my organic shit had bupkus in the way of nutritional value, while his sugar yummies had high percentages of RDA of most major vitamins. go figure.

eat them. they're goooood.