Friday, April 28, 2006

Slacking off

Sorry for the lack of an entry yesterday. Yesterday totally kicked my ass, and then those three bottles of wine we drank at dinner with our friends really didn't help matters either. I was tempted to drink and blog, but that probably isn't a good thing, right?

Monkey Man's coughing seems to have subsided quite a bit, so we actually got some sleep last night. Either that, or the drunken stupor that I was in enabled me to not hear the hacking. Highly unlikely, though, since his coughing could break the sound barrier.

Anyhow, a few updates:

Lunch in the Hundred Acre Wood

So apparently, Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day and being as the last guy I worked for never acknowledged it in the 8 years I worked for him, I really didn't expect a thing from Eeyore. He ended up calling me at noon from the jobsite and asking if he could take me to lunch on Thursday instead...fine, I replied. Then, evil me decided to have a little fun with Eeyore and wear my nice new suit to work on Thursday.

Well, it worked. He was totally pissed at me most of the day and then finally made some nasty comment about my suit and why was I wearing it? In my sweetest voice ever, I said, "Because my favorite boss took me to lunch today and I wanted to look nice." He just glared at me.

Lunch was odd. He invited Chachi to go along with us, so maybe that wasn't a bad thing because it spared me from being questioned about my job status. He doesn't know for certain that I'm interviewing, but he does suspect something is up. Anyhow, he ended up ranting and raving about much of nothing for the entire time and I breathed a sigh of relief when we finally got back to the office and I was able to escape.

I never knew that being appreciated could be so uncomfortable.


Wanted: teleporter, cheap

The company that I've been interviewing with called me yesterday afternoon to ask if the commute to the jobsite was a dealbreaker for me. Well, yes it is - it would be a 1-hour drive each way, minimum - and if I had to work a 40 hour week on top of that, I would never get to see Joey or Monkey Man. That just doesn't work for me. Maybe if I was single or married without kids, it would be more of a definite possibility. So the VP said he was going to talk to a few more people and get back to me sometime early next week. The salary would be $10K more than I'm making now, and the job is a definite step toward what I want to do, so this is just killing me. I'm hoping that the good impression that I've made will last and that they might contact me in the future if something local comes up.

Meanwhile, if anyone has a teleporter for sale, I'd be interested. Damn, this sucks.


Cover girl

Our company newsletter came out yesterday and guess who is featured inside? Yup, yours truly. They did a feature article on my LEED accreditation and after 50,000 tries at getting a decent photo, they picked the best of the bunch. Did I mention that I absolutely abhor getting my picture taken? I mean, really, I hate it. I have this double-chin thing going on that looks horrid in pictures, and I am horribly self-conscious about it. Not to mention the fact that if the light is too bright, I tend to squint. Oh yeah, I look real attractive.

Thank God for our marketing director, T., who has the patience of a saint and retook my photos after the first ones royally sucked. I think I need to buy her lunch for being such a sweetheart about my stupid vain ass. Although then that would increase the double chin thing, so maybe I'll just send her a nice card.


The PIM's are coming, the PIM's are coming

It's that time of year again - where my PIM friends get together for a weekend of fun. We'll be in Boston next weekend so if you live in the area and see a bunch of crazed women acting like lunatics, that will be us. Crazed with the freedom of no kids, no husbands/boyfriends, and no responsibilities other than making sure we drink a lot and do a lot of laughing and hugging and make our flights home on time.

I can't freaking wait. Watch out,'ll never know what hit you....

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Tree said...

Boston will not know what hit it! Raise a drink for me and give hugs all around. I would love to attend, but as it is, I have had to choose between two wedding, the reunion and a wine event. Since we host 30 people at the wine event as a business function, we must stick with that, although I cannot drink. How much does that stink?

Anyway, I am interested in what the company decided to offer you. And I look forward to seeing a copy of that newsletter!