Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mulch mania and puppy playdate

I must be insane to get a new puppy and have ten cubic yards of mulch delivered to my house in the same week.

Nick has settled in here really, really well. He is such a sweet boy, loves to snuggle but has no problem hanging out and chewing a bone or unraveling the umpteenth roll of toilet paper. He is very thankful that the hoomans in this house apparently are dumb as hell and keep refilling the rolls. Housebreaking is definitely going a lot better - we had one really bad day where I went to bed exhausted from cleaning up accident after accident and was really wondering what I was doing wrong. And since then, I've been way more diligent about keeping on top of taking him outside for walks and making sure I pay more attention to his signals. Much better!

But maybe I'm the one that is housebroken. If it works, you can call it whatever you want to.

We wore his little ass out today. The mulch was delivered yesterday, so we spent a few hours in the yard hauling mulch and spreading it. Up and back, up and back...then he slept for 3 hours. Then, off to Monkey Man's baseball practice so he could be loved up on by all the boys and their parents. After that, a quick drive-thru lunch and we went to Cat Door's house so Nick could play with their new miniature pinscher puppy Stony.

Stony, according to Nick, is the puppy from hell. He might only weigh three pounds, but he would do Flying Burrito Brothers jumps onto poor Nick's head, wrestle until Nick would finally stop playing Mr. Nice Guy...I think it was a good experience for both of them, not to mention that Cat Door and The Mrs. really loved Nick. They want to love Rufus too, but he says No Thank You. I was very pleased to see that Nick had very good manners and didn't try to eat Stony The Bossy but maybe twice the whole time. Considering Nick eats a bowl of food equal to the size of Stony for breakfast and dinner, I thought that was quite commendable.

Anyway, I am getting a new blog up and running purely just for Nick and his adventures. I got the template set up last night and hopefully will take it live tomorrow if I can squeeze it in with the other 27 things we have planned. Bringing Nick into this family has opened up such a new and wonderful world to me filled with new friends and new adventures, and I thought he deserved his own blog. Especially since he is running for President next time.


penni said...

I can't wait to see Nick's Blog -- I'll add it to my blogroll. It will help me keep track of this little Grandpup.

Red Dog Mom said...

A tired puppy is a good puppy :) Just keep repeating that to yourself. Looking forward to Nick TV - All Nick, All the Time.

Janet said...

Sounds like Nick already has a very busy social schedule! It will be great to be able to follow his campaign online.

Elizabeth said...

Dewi would like to be Nick's running mate (smart, but kind of a doofus...and talks just to hear the sound of his own voice - in keeping with the current trend in VP candidates). JF would like to be Secretary of Agriculture.

We can't wait to see Nick's blog...and Nick (hint). Maybe we can come see one of Monkey Man's games or something. Would that be too distracting? :)

Becky said...

We can't wait to see Nick's blog! Picture puppies are almost as much fun as the real thing! Na-a-a! but it will be fun to see the blog!