Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet Big Nick

It's official. I'm in love with a guy with more body hair than should be allowed.

Good thing he's a corgi.

Meet Nick - or Big Nick, as Monkey Man has already dubbed him. The newest member of the pack here at Builder Mama.

Many, many thanks to Janet Suber with Mockingbird Cardigans for entrusting me with this little superstar. He is simply everything I have ever wanted in a puppy - adorable and sweet and smart as heck. This is going to be a blast.

It was a wonderful weekend - so many adorable puppies, the senior members of the pack Scout and Spencer, and lots of folks that love corgis. It doesn't get much better than that. I have to admit though, having people say, "Oh, you're Builder Mama!" is kind of cool. Either that or I really need a secret identity when I'm stalking corgi blogs. But it was awesome watching the puppies get evaluated for body structure and temperament, I felt like I was a member of a super secret society or something. I didn't learn the secret handshake though.

Off to get a little dinner with my boys, who have been drooling over Nick pictures. Monkey is scared to death that Nick will grow up before we get to bring him home, so Janet - if you could quit putting Miracle Gro in his food for a week or so, that would be great. ;-)


Red Dog Mom said...

YAY! I think Nick will be perfect for you all. Again, if you need to borrow a smaller crate or xpens or anything, just ask. I've got so much dog stuff it isn't even funny. I'm also happy to help with things like ear taping, Dremmeling nails and trimming of pants, ears and tails.

BTW, pretty soon folks will start calling you "Big Nick's Mom."

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Yay yay yay! Yay yayyayyayaaaaaY!

I had to leave JF with his breeder the first time I met him (even tho he was old enough to go home) and it KILLED me. Had to wait three more weeks to bring him home; I barely survived. :)

Can't wait to meet the little guy; he reminds me SO much of JF!

Regent Rabbitry said...
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Janet said...

I'm just so happy the big guy is going to such a great home where he will have his own boy! I'll just squeeze him every day to make sure he doesn't grow any, Monkey Man!

Debra said...

It was wonderful to meet you too! Big Nick will just fit in perfectly with your family. I can't wait to see pictures of him growing!

Taryn said...

Woohoo! This is a fun surprise!

I had to wait to bring home Jimmy as well....It just means the potty training will be that much easier :-)

I am looking forward to watching Nick grow up here on your blog!

Ann said...

Yeehaw! I LOVED Nick and so did Bogey. The three boys, Jon Farley, Nick and Bogey are going to be great friends. Bogey could use some boys to hang with and do "guy stuff!"

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me Buddy! I love your new puppy. It's going to be fun to watch "Big Max" grow! I hope you put up lots of pictures.
I have a new puppy, too. I'm deciding if I like him or not. He bites with these little baby sharp teeth. I don't get to bite back. Does that seem fair to you?! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Of course, I meant "Big Nick". I'm going to start interviewing for a new assistant! This one takes terrible dictation!
Give "Big Nick" hugs for us!
and a terrible at taking ditation person.

Kim said...

He is ADORABLE! Can't wait to hear more about him :)

dreameyce said...

Congrats!!! I'm so excited to watch him grow up in blog-land :)

Anonymous said...

Fluffinators rule!

Have fun with your new boy.