Thursday, January 27, 2011

Corgi stalker

Hi, my name is Liz. And I have a Corgi addiction.

(Hi, Liz!)

So, if you followed me over here either from the C-Myste blog or from my comments on one of a zillion corgi blogs, hi! And if you're one of my regular readers (all two of you), bear with me while I rhapsodize about The Corgi.

We've had Rufus, a.k.a. Da Woof, Woofenheimer, Roof-roof, Midget Hound, Rotten Hound, Woofa Bear, and The Long-Haired, Short-Legged Great American Trash Hound for about eleven years now. Or maybe twelve. That is up for debate here at Casa Builder Mama. He is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi straight from York, England. It's kind of a long story how we got him, but he's ours and despite the fact he's probably more cat-like than dog-like, we love him.

I have had a corgi obsession forever. I love them - all colors, shapes, sizes, you name it. I prefer Cardigans (the ones with the tail) more than Pembrokes, probably because I just think a dog needs a tail. Period.

Corgis are kind of rare here in the South. Everyone and their brother has a Labrador or a Golden Retriever or some sort of hunting dog. I had one instance where I took Rufus somewhere and a woman actually asked me if he was a small German Shepherd with surgically altered legs. Seriously? If I had that kind of money, I'd be getting a tummy tuck and a boob job, not sawing a dog's legs off.

Just to show you how unusual it is to see one, I went to a local dog bakery to acquire a fancy birthday cake for His Royal Highness and lo and behold - there was a Cardigan Welsh Corgi there! I squealed like a Justin Bieber fan, knocked a bunch of old ladies out of the way, and probably scared the poor owner to death by mauling her in the store. Luckily, she didn't have her stun gun with her and she was very tolerant of my questions and the fact I was all over her dog. He was absolutely adorable and had the softest Corgi coat ever (attributed to New Zealand bloodlines, whaddaya know? And I thought my British import was fancy.).

Lately, I have been plotting and planning to (hopefully) acquire a new furry member of the family. I hope it all comes to fruition, because I will be crushed if it doesn't. And I will be reduced to lurking outside the dog bakery, waiting for that poor New Zealand import to come wandering in again, completely unaware that some nutty woman is hiding behind the chihuahua tutus, just waiting....


C-Myste said...

LOL: the surgically altered legs was the funniest thing I've read today. Strike that: the only funny thing I've read today. It's been a long day.

As far as the soft coat . . . umm, that's not really correct, you know. It's one of Molly's faults (faults being why she is to remain the virgin princess) and I can verify that there is no New Zealand blood behind her.

Builder Mama said...

You know Carolyn, I hadn't really thought about it until you said something. I've been reading about fluffs and in the course of reading I did see what the standard is and what the faults are. That soft coat is definitely not what the breed was intended to have.

I love me some Molly - those pictures of her at the show in Portland were so precious, I would have rubbed her belly until the end of time! She is a sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Hello! We are so glad you stopped by our blog and told us about your corgi luv! We are kindred spirits! I have an addiction to this adorable breed. I love the blogs that are farms and country living with lots of corgis that work. If I could I would live on a farm just to have lots of corgis. I'd even get sheep. That's saying something since I'm a city girl at heart.

Builder Mama said...

Hi Buddy's Person! Thanks for coming by my blog. I love the pictures of Buddy, and can't wait for Bear to make his debut. The way you came up with his name was one of the sweetest ideas I've ever heard!

I would have tons of corgis...tons and tons...if I didn't want to keep my husband around! I had a hard time convincing him we need another one. Or I guess I should say "wearing him down to a shadow of his former self".

Welcome again!

Red Dog Mom said...

Just buzz on over to Eville anytime you need a Cardi fix. The Heathen Horde is always happy to welcome visitors. And if the 2nd Cardi thing works out, Red Dog Mom will be happy to assist w/things like ear taping (if needed) and toe nail grinding. Looking forward to seeing you and the Boy tomorrow morning at the show.

Red Dog Mom said...

BTW- No problemo on keeping the potential new family member a secret :) And yes, 8am tomorrow at the Farm Bureau Pavilion is correct - I think :)

Builder Mama said...

Thanks RDM! Looking forward to seeing you and Elizabeth tomorrow, I can hardly wait! The Boy has been talking about it all day and can't believe he's going to meet "Famous Corgis from the Internet", LOL.