Thursday, April 09, 2009

Not tonight, dear

So we've had a banner day here at Builder Mama Headquarters.

It looks like Joey is going to be able to fix his big mistake at work that I referred to the other day.  Basically, the Cliff Notes version is that he transposed some numbers on a bid and then actually signed the contract with the wrong bid number on it.  To the tune of already being in the hole almost $300K.

Yeah.  He had to change his undies after discovering that little gem.

Last night, he got a call from the contractor basically saying that they want to work things out too.  So that's good, I hope.

The other big news - since we took a bath in stocks last year, we actually...Got.  A.  Tax.  Refund.  The accountant called today, and it's a nice ol' chunk of change.  We were prepared to do our annual Bend Over, Here Comes the IRS pose.  Not necessary this year, though.

So we've had some celebratory beverages and I think as soon as we get Monkey Man stowed away, maybe a little celebratory somethin'-somethin'.  And then I'm going to bed, y'all.

There is no way that I can do a post about our Vegas trip any justice tonight, so come back tomorrow when I will be sober, well-laid, and ready to spin a good yarn.

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