Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in the zone

It's official.  I am insane.

Come May 31st, I will be here.

It's all Heather's fault.   I mean seriously, she is running a freaking half-marathon this coming weekend with such a great attitude that I feel bad grousing about a measly 10K.  Hurumph.

If nothing else, this is giving me something to focus on other than obsessing over work, baseball chauffering duties, my lack of housekeeping help of the paid and unpaid variety, and various and sundry other things.  I have run every day since last Friday, but tonight is my night off.  I blame Heather for that too, because obviously she is the sane one who thinks I need to actually REST every few days versus running myself straight into shin splits or stress fractures.

But for now, it's time to shovel a very unwilling Monkey Man off to bed since tomorrow is his first baseball game.  Monkeys should be well-rested, don't you think?


MamaMaven said...

Love you, mean it! LOL

Come on, it will be fun and there is JEWELRY at the finish line.

Tree said...

Jewelry at the finish line? Heck, yeah! You will have a blast!