Thursday, November 06, 2008

Verbal diarrhea

I really have the beginnings of a migraine - and I know it has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with damn Aunt Flo and her ability to ruin my life (whilst I stuff my face with enough cheese, salt, sugar, and crap to kill an elephant). So this will be a short one today.

Today I got this crazy-ass email that trickled down through the family, but it originated with my sister-in-law, wife of The Salsa King. It was so horrible and nutty that it makes me think that the two of them are going to take over living in the Unibomber's cabin in the woods and we'll start getting manifestos from them. On the good side, no more shitty Christmas presents.

It kind of breaks my heart a little that my brother - who was raised just like the rest of us - married this woman who has completely gone off the deep end and dragged him right along with her. If y'all had read this big, steaming pile of crazy, you would smack yourself in the forehead, say "wow", and probably seriously consider the fact that my sister-in-law would be saner if she was a crackhead. The bad thing is that I think the election has driven her completely off the deep end even further than she already was.

It's kind of a shame. But really, I'm glad I have no relationship with them (or let's just say it's sort of a facade of a relationship) because I could not stand to listen to that bullshit all the time.

I wish they'd go back to selling salsa. They were a lot more entertaining then.

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MamaMaven said...

Always looking forward to another chapter in the saga of the salsa king and queen.