Sunday, November 09, 2008

Somebody stop the pounding

It's official. I've had a migraine since Thursday.

I'm one of the "lucky" people that gets cluster migraines. They can last for days...never bad enough to make me go on migraine meds, just bad enough to be annoying as crap. I will trade them anyday over the migraines I used to get 15 years ago which were so bad that I used to end up in the ER on a regular basis. That might have had something to do with the jackass I was dating at the time, but I digress. Migraines suck.

I guess it's a good thing that most of yesterday was migraine-free. I slept ten hours Friday night, got up and ate breakfast and then went back to bed for two more hours. I NEVER do that. I had one when I woke up, but a few Excedrin later I was good to go for the afternoon. Good thing, because we went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Ever heard of them? It's like heavy metal with violins. They put on one helluva show, complete with the first half of the concert being Christmas-themed. With snow. There was a moment when I had my head resting on Monkey Man's shoulder (he was perched on my lap due to two freakishly tall people sitting in front of us) and I was watching the snow fall from the Coliseum ceiling along with all the lights and music and I thought this...this is what having fun with your kids should be about. Sharing cool stuff like this.

Then there's stuff like clothes shopping. Maybe it's a good thing I have a son, because if I had a daughter we'd be bankrupt by now. Monkey Man hates shopping...but he hates it even more if I buy him clothes and bring them home. He wants editorial approval, I guess. His jeans have gotten to Urkel-like lengths and most of them have holes in the knees thanks to playground antics so off to Kohl's we went. $236 later and we have five pairs of jeans, a new hooded sweatshirt, and probably eight shirts. Plus socks for Monkey Man and Joey. I think we did pretty well. I did notice a penchant for shirts that have either guitars or motorcycles on them, so if that's any indication of my future with him as a teenager I am sooo screwed.

So anyhow, I'm now in my lime green polka dot pajamas (gift from my sister who apparently thinks I'm not only 12 years old but also a size 4) and ready to crash for the night before the coughing starts. Yes, Monkey Man is coughing yet again. We made it about five nights blissfully cough-free...thankfully last night I made him use his inhaler before bed and it did seem to help.

Here's hoping for a headache-free day tomorrow. I've got sooo much to do tomorrow, plus going to work late won't help. I have to meet the tile guys that did the shower (or rather, a different installer that will hopefully fix what the other guys f-ed up) at 7:30 AM to discuss how they are going to fix the base grout. Sigh. As if I don't have to deal with enough of that BS at work, I've got it at home too.


Gretchen said...

"two freakishly tall people sitting in front of us" - I thought you looked familiar!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Builder Mama said...

Heh, if it had only been you, we could've gone out and had some bourbon afterwards!