Sunday, September 21, 2008


I don't know what it is about me, but it seems like every time we're getting ready to leave on vacation I get sick.

Last week, my ear started giving me some trouble. It seemed like just another lovely wax clog, so I got Joey to dose me up with some ear goop a few times and attempted to flush my right ear out. It really didn't seem to be any better when I finished, but I figured my ear just needed to drain.

By Thursday, my throat was feeling a little scratchy and my ear was kind of itchy. The kind of itchy where you feel like sticking an icepick in your ear for some relief. I went to football practice for a little while, Joey came to relieve me so I went home and literally crawled into bed.

Friday, I worked a half-day and then came home and fell asleep on the couch. A quick nap. A quick nap that lasted two hours and left me feeling like I'd been hit by a truck.

So after dinner, it was off to the urgent care place. A double-ear infection, and when they flushed both of my ears out my left ear bled. Yippee. I've had a few doses of my Z-pack and feel better for the most part, but I'm wary. The doctor warned me that if I hadn't come in, in all likelihood my eardrum would've burst when I got on the airplane on Wednesday. Not exactly what you want to hear when you're going to a foreign country, right? Ew.


Wednesday morning, we are headed off to Cabo San Lucas. We went two years ago and had a great time, so I'm excited to be not only going back to such a fantastic place but getting away for a while.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to coordinate Monkey Man's schedule along with the babysitter's work and school schedule. She has gone back to school - dental hygienist school - and between classes and a big test on Saturday it's been somewhat challenging making sure that Monkey Man will be taken care of and be safe and sound. I trust her...I just am a little freaked out because we're having to use some friends to pitch in and cover things a few times while we're gone. This is one of those times when I wish either set of grandparents was able (or willing) to step in, and I really wish my sister would've offered to help. But, as usual, it's just us. Sigh.


While we're gone, there's going to be some serious discussin' going on.

I got a job offer last week.

A former mentor of mine from work - who left two years ago - started his own company a year ago and is finally ready to hire some help. He does home renovation work - kind of like Cat Door, but on a bigger scale. We went to lunch last week and I totally thought he was taking me to pick my brain about LEED when in reality he threw out the job offer on the table.

It's tempting. Scary, but tempting. Basically, I would be able to set my own hours. I would be working part time. I would get away from the toxic environment of my office. We could probably do away with The World's Most Expensive Preschool. I would get to work from home sometimes. We might actually get a home-cooked meal every now and then. I could be more involved with Monkey Man's school.

Then there's what I would be giving up. The stability of a job I've had for twelve (!) years. My friends. The financial freedom of a full-time salary. My great 401(k) plan which includes 50% matching.

Things here at Builder Mama HQ have been kind of rough as of late. Basically, we're both working our asses off and are so tied up in everything else, we are like two ships passing in the night. We started date nights a few weeks ago so we could at least have a few hours together every few weeks to talk without being interrupted a million times. We're both exhausted.

I can't help but feel that maybe, just maybe, it's time to sacrifice a little of the money to get a little better quality of life. I'm just not sure Joey is buying into that, though.

It should be interesting.


joansy said...

Good luck with the decision. I know it's a biggy. I gave up the bigger bucks last year for more free time and better benefits. Most of the time I know it was the right decision, but there are moments where I still have doubts -- usually when I want to go on a fancy vacation or buy something big. Flexibility is great though - it's the one thing I really feel like I'm missing with my new job.

Have a fantastic trip. I hope your ear is doing better.

Gretchen said...

Yikes! I hope your ear feels better quick!

Have a drink (or 10) for me in Cabo.

Good luck on the decision. For one, I think the sacrifice would be worth it.

Kim said...

The job offer sounds intriguing and definitely worth a discussion.

Have fun on your trip!