Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A little eye candy for the ladies

Remember this commercial?

This pretty much sums up Tuesday afternoon at my office.

About six months ago, some no-name construction company started building two spec office buildings directly behind our little office complex. We had a big time watching all the OSHA violations like guys dangling off the roof and such. The one thing that was lacking, though, was any good eye candy.

The accounting department windows look directly into the backs of these two new buildings, so we would sit in Robin's office in the mornings and watch the magic happen. Then, sadly, the shell of the buildings were completed and we hadn't had anyone over there in at least two months working.

Until today. The fine men of the power company were outside working on one of the power poles when I was in Robin's office returning a folder.

"Hey, look at that guy," said Robin, "He's pretty hot!"

I peered out the window. Yup, he was hot all right. He was probably in his mid-40's, had a goatee, and was built like things I've dreamed about. He was on the ground while his cohort (who wasn't hot) was up in the cherry picker messing around with the lines.

Suddenly, the guy walked over to the company truck and started taking his shirt off. "Holy shit! He's taking his freaking shirt off!" We all went running to the window. But he was slick, our little power man was, he positioned himself so we got just a flash of naked flesh.

By this point there are several of us gathered at the windows in the office. He turned away from the truck, buttoning his shirt back up. Then, he reached around and picked up a water bottle from the side of the truck.

"Next thing you know, he's going to start pouring water all over himself," I joked.

And you know what? That's exactly what he did. He took his hardhat off and started pouring water all over the top of his head. Then he'd take a swig of water. Then pour some more over his head.

We were rolling on the floor. You know what? If he knew we were all standing there, he was a total dork. And even if he didn't know we were all watching? Total dork.

Good times, good times. Of course, this is what you usually get on a construction site:


The Piper Family said...

LOVE your post today!! Eye candy is always a fun distraction from work :- )

Gretchen said...

Very good.

Eye candy = good. Get some every once in a while around these parts - usually the ups guy. Occasionally a city worker. Not often though Not much 'take your shirt off' weather in these parts.