Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I'm not even sure if my parents are still in town. I tried to call my sister today and got nothing but her sketchy answering machine which of course she refuses to check. Ahem.


Last night we got roped into driving clear across town to go to a bathroom and kitchen remodeling seminar hosted by everyone's favorite handyman, Cat Door. He'd been talking about the thing for weeks on end, and every time I talked to him he'd mention how many people The Mrs. was bringing from her job, how many of his churchgoing friends were coming, who his brother was dragging along, and so on. Of course, he wanted me to bring some of the Badasses or perhaps David and Yvonne along with us.

So I started working the phones and email. No one could come. Seriously, I couldn't get a soul to show up even promising alcohol. I felt horrible about it, but what could I do? So yesterday around 4 I texted Cat Door and let him know that we were still coming, would be a little late because of the babysitter's work schedule, and that we didn't think anyone else in our crew was going to make it.

Around 7:10 we were a few blocks away when I got the following pathetic text: "It's 7:10 and no one has shown up. Does not look good."

We wheeled into the parking lot and went dashing inside to find poor Cat Door standing there with a table full of cheese and crackers, various snacks, drinks, and a crapload of brochures for all kinds of plumbing stuff. The branch manager for the showroom was there along with a rep for Delta Faucets and they looked visibly bored.

Without going into huge detail, I'll just say that I was really crushed for Cat Door. He had gone to a lot of trouble to put the whole thing together and it was just pathetic that no one showed up. He was so appreciative that we came that he actually took us out for a very nice dinner once he gave up hope of anyone showing up. Yes, he paid. I think that might be a first.

And you know, I asked him where The Mrs. was. She apparently decided that there was something more fun to do so she didn't even show up. I probably shouldn't say this, but honestly - I thought it was pretty shitty of her not to at least show up and be there to support him.

On the good side, he got to practice his spiel on us - and it really needs some work. His slideshow is kind of weak and I think he needs to polish it up a teensy bit. You don't want something too slick and overproduced, but I think you don't want to look like a jackass either. So I have to figure out some way to offer constructive criticism without seeming like a bitch. And we also really enjoyed having dinner with it just being the three of us - without The Mrs. there we were able to relax and let our hair down a little bit. He acted more like his normal self versus when he's with her, when he always has his guard up for fear of what she's going to say next.

On the bad side, I wish I could've made that look of disappointment on his face go away. I can't fix his problems for him, I can only be a friend and lend an ear when he asks for it. Maybe I can help him with his presentation. Maybe I can get some people to bring to his next seminar.

It's hard seeing people you care about be disappointed. Lord knows I've had more than my share already this week.

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g-man said...

Bummer. I'm sure if you just tell him that you are offering constructive criticism then he will take it that way. (Unless you shriek it at him then you will be a bitch) :)