Monday, April 07, 2008

And then poof! It was gone

You know what I realized yesterday?

I let the second anniversary of the blog go by without even noticing. Oops.

I started out gangbusters, posting every day for what seemed like an eternity. Now, not as often but I do still get the same enjoyment out of it. Hell, it's cheaper than therapy, right?

So in honor of the blog's second blogiversary, I'm going to let you guys ask me questions.

Seriously. Ask me anything. Post it in the comments, or if you're too shy just email it to me at buildermama at gmail dot com and I will post the question and then my answer.

(Here's hoping this idea doesn't bomb miserably....)


Another thing that flew by was the weekend. Remarkably unremarkable. Joey was sick with a sinus infection AGAIN so he was pretty much laid up all weekend. I tried to keep Monkey Man occupied and out of Joey's hair so he could get some rest, so hopefully that helped. On the other hand, though, it made me drink. A lot.

Last night we went to the local comedy club with Jay and Harry - we saw Ralphie May who was frikking hysterical. He is getting ready to tape a new special so he was onstage for over two hours winging out new material right and left. My sides are still hurting.

And I ran. Not in the race, but I ran, lifted weights, did some Pilates and stretching. It feels good. So that was Saturday and Sunday and tonight is laundry night so no running for me.

Friday, I came home to discover our gorgeous shower enclosure was up. And it's wrong. Again. Glass is going to have to be recut and things will have to be redone. Luckily, Cat Door and I had been holed up at the local bar with some friends so by the time we got back to my house to check out the handiwork of the stoopid glass idiots all we could do was laugh. And laugh. And laugh. It will get done eventually, maybe by the time Monkey Man goes to college.

See, boring. That's why I need you guys to ask me some questions, so I actually have something to talk about. Other than screwed up glass and sinus infections. Help a sister out, would ya?


joansy said...

Here's mine:

When will you be in Las Vegas again?

I'll come up with something better later.

Tree said...

Where did you leave things with your mom?

Are you going to run that race in a couple weeks?

Do you have an interest in a half marathon?

What is your favorite meal that you make?

What is the favorite dinner to order at a restaurant?

What gourmet meal would you like to learn to cook (assuming of course that you do not already do that!)?

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

What is your middle name?

Do you see yourself living in the same house until MM graduates high school? Would you consider moving after he leaves for college? Where would you move?

Have you been looking for a new job or are you happy with the status quo for now?

The Piper Family said...

How did you end up in the construction field?