Thursday, March 27, 2008

Long week of nothing in particular

Where did this week go?

It's been a very strange week. Highlights as follows:

*EPOD has been on the warpath all week, to the point where Chachi has even lost his patience with the bad attitude. "I feel like I should just go ahead and put a loaded handgun on his desk so he can get it over with already," snarled Chachi. Ouch. You know when Boy Wonder starts snarling, it's bad. Really bad.
*I had a dime-sized patch of precancerous skin frozen off my cheekbone on Tuesday. The good news is like the one I had taken off my nose last fall it should heal up nicely. Dr. K was her normal non-bedside-manner self and I think she was even cackling under her breath as I squirmed with the pain of having that stuff burning my face. She is evil, pure evil.
*My parents are coming on Sunday. My dad is receiving an award for his service in World War II and the Korean War. More on this over the weekend, because I have been just in knots over the whole thing.
*Joey has been, well, cranky. The local construction market is slowing down and that makes a crabby husband. Apparently this is a rampant problem, since Debbie whispered to me at dinner last night that Harper has been a total bastard too. Interesting.
*I am taking next Monday off work to take my mother shopping for clothes. Kill me now.

Today's mathematical equation was:

1 Builder Mama + 5 Pomegranate Martinis = 1 Big Fat Head + 1 Upset Stomach

Not pretty. I should know better to do that on a Wednesday, wait until Thursday so you only have to work ONE day hungover, right? Gah, I'm such an amateur.

And I am telling you right now...if the damn dog doesn't stop barking at leaves blowing, I'm going to develop a marketing campaign for "Corgi...The Other White Meat." Jesus.

Bring on the weekend!


Gretchen said...

Hope things pick up and your weekend improves.

The other night I caught my husband fondling his golf clothes. He's been a bit persnickity - just waiting for winter to be over.

Me? Tonight is margaritas with one of the neighborhood mamas. Her kids come over for about 45 minutes after school is out - so we'll be starting around 4:45. You're welcome to join us...

Mitzi Green said...

corgi--the other white meat...hahahahahaahahahaha

yes, they are barking little shits, aren't they? that was my #1 complaint about holly when she was with us. she never shut the hell up. kind of like MIL. doh!