Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pieces parts

Am I the only one happy that Kristy Joe left "Rock of Love II" last week?


I swear, this week I am going to post some pictures of the bathroom. It looks freaking awesome.

Of course, you know that it couldn't all be perfect. I picked out (or rather, didn't pick out but said "just put in something similar to what we have") some recessed can lights and they look like crap. Oops. I think Cat Door can swap out the trim kit with minimal cost, but I'm not entirely sure.

The other ongoing issue is the floor. The price came in and let's just say that either I'm an idiot when I was doing a rough estimate of the cost, or the tile subcontractor is trying to screw me. Cat Door is trying to schmooze a little more off the price, but I'm not holding my breath.

I've been treading that fine line of friend/customer/person who probably knows too much and is being a pain in the ass. It's been stressful, to say the least. To Cat Door's credit, he has been remarkably tolerant and hasn't killed me yet. And honestly, since everything else in my life seems to have gone all cattywampus lately, it only makes sense that part of my twisted little mind has decided that The Bathroom Project is the only thing that I can control right now. Sort of.

I did notice, though, that they gave me the handheld shower with variable sprays. Or, in the words of Cat Door, "they go from 'aaah' all the way to 'who needs a man anyway?'" Oh yeah, baby.


Question of the day: So my friends and I were discussing the resignation of former NY Governor Spitzer recently. And the question was raised...let's say that his wife came out and made the statement that they hadn't been bumping uglies for a while...let's say a few years just for argument's sake...and that she had given him permission to use the escort service to take care of his needs. Do you think it would've saved his political hide?


joansy said...

I can't wait for the pics!

re: Spitzer - I don't think that would help much given the fact that he has gone after other prosecution rings as a prosecutor, that's just way too hypocritical. In general, I think politicians break the law -- that being said, we have legal brothels in Nevada and think it's a fine idea. But not for my husband.

Tree said...

I am sure it is fantastic!

I agree with Joansy re: Spitzer. I think his righteous attitude and his arrogance has killed his political career. When you hold others to a higher standard than yourself, you are vulnerable.