Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moms gone wild...with minivans

Saturday night is Girls' Night Out for the Badasses. And we have decided to split ourselves into two groups - Those Who Want To Stay Out All Night and Probably Vomit On The Street Before We Call It A Night, and then there are Those Who Would Like to Stay Out Late But Realize That Late Is Now 10 PM and We Probably Won't Make it That Long Since Our Kids Never Sleep.

I'm not sure which group I'm going to fall into. Yet. And honestly, how wild can a group of women in a minivan and a Pacifica get? I'm just sayin'.

There has been a lot of drama surrounding this event. First of all, my least favorite Badass, Candy, decided that she was going to plan this month's get together. Which is fine, however she is notorious for bailing out at the last minute so of course there's the risk of letting her pick the place and getting stuck there while she's cozy at home with the hubby, kids, and some takeout from Outback.

Candy has this unnatural obsession with one of the other Badasses, Shannon. Don't get me wrong, Shannon is a cool chick but she's kind of wild. Shannon also recently separated from her husband so if Candy's usual pattern holds true, her husband probably ought to start picking up some Apartment Finder guides if you catch my drift. She copies EVERYTHING that Shannon does, right or wrong.

So she sent out this group email announcing that she wanted to have the dinner at this restaurant that's fairly well-known in the area. It's a French restaurant - I hear the brunch is fantastic, but dinner tends to be a little on the foo-foo side which probably wouldn't bode well for this crew that survives mostly on hummus and vodka. Thankfully, one of the BA's spoke up in an email and said that perhaps we should rethink the restaurant choice and she put a link to the menu on her email.

Ooh. Big Mistake. Candy got really defensive and decided she needed to "reply to all" (side note: another pet peeve of mine is this whole crowd does "reply to all" for every freaking stupid email possible and it makes me NUTS) and say that she picked the restaurant because SHANNON THE ALMIGHTY had been there before.

To which Shannon replied, "Have been there, food is okay but very overpriced."

Ouch. So Candy tucked tail and decided to switch it to another place, a Cuban restaurant. Where I've gotten food poisoning before, but I decided to just let the chips fall where they may and if nothing else, I'll eat the bread basket for dinner. You know, carb-loading in case I decide to be one of the ones puking in the gutter.

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g-man said...

Puking in the gutter, that reminds me, when are you guys coming back up to visit. I haven't had a "need to call a cab" night in a really long time. :)

Vodka and Hummus, LOL!!!

Have a good night toots. (barfing in the street makes for a better story later on. (just sayin')