Friday, March 07, 2008


Well, all I can say is that it's been a pretty stressful week.

The bathroom renovation got the best of us yesterday. The tile guys haven't accomplished much - out of 3 days they probably did an actual day of work, and to come home yesterday and discover that they had only "temped in" enough tile so the glass people could come measure for the doors was pretty disheartening. Cat Door has been beside himself with the tile crew's lack of responsiveness - they kept him waiting on them to show up for a total of five hours this week, sending him into a rage by Wednesday morning.

But they did get some done. The walls and bench are up, the floor is in, but the kneewalls aren't done and of course no grout yet.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that although we went to extreme pains to match the tile for the shower to the existing floors, it doesn't match?

Get this. So when we moved into the house three years ago, we had the ceramic tile floors done and the builder put extra boxes of the stuff up in our attic. When it came time to do our shower this year, I went and got the boxes, tore off all the pertinent information (color, etc.) and brought a sample with me to the tile place. It matched perfectly. Same manufacturer, same color, same numbers. I thought they were perfect.

Um, now, not so much. The strange thing is if you take the spare tiles and lay them on the existing floor, they don't match. And they are close to the shower tile colors, but not a match. As it turns out they have a "shade" number on the box, and while we had 46 in the attic, the ones that were delivered and installed in the shower were 49. Apparently this isn't a huge deal, but the stupid things don't match.

Part of me just thinks that we should move on - not worry about the tile not matching, who is going to notice? Well, I will. The shower tile has more of a brown tinge, whereas the floors are more of a yellowy shade. That bugs me and it doesn't look great, and all I can think of is if we end up selling the house one day that someone will come in there and be like My God, What Were These People Thinking?

So now, we will probably see if we have any recourse for the moronic tile people not checking this "shade" number - and probably won't get far - and then end up paying for ripping up our floor and putting matching tile down. If we can even get matching tile at this point. And of course, Cat Door has taken off for the wilds for five days of motocross riding. Figures.

Remind me again what about this was a good idea?


We had one thing planned for the weekend - baseball practice - that has been cancelled due to the rain forecast. I can't remember the last time we had nothing planned for the weekend. We really need to take Monkey Man to get some new shoes and a batting helmet, so I guess it's not entirely true that we have nothing to do all weekend.

Which probably isn't a bad thing considering we'll have to pay for a new bathroom floor. Ahem.


Off to the couch. I can't think of one remotely funny thing to write.


Heather said...

Run Liz, you gotta run, put that on the to do list :). Sorry about the tile, knowing what you and hubby know about construction and still have issues scares me to take on anything!

g-man said...

Bummer babe... if it is any consolation most men could probably not tell the difference in shade. So that's half the population you have to worry about.

Love ya, mean it.

Tree said...

W would be exactly like you and so would I. Things like that slip through and the tile people should have caught the difference...

And I could go toe to toe on you about tile people holding you back (or plumbers, who are now my #1 enemy).

It will turn out fabulous in the end and you will appreciate it even more given the pain and suffering.